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Erisbeg is an Irish private equity firm that acquires and develops established businesses in Ireland and internationally.

It was founded in 2017 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors, including Alan Foy, Thomas Davy, and Robert Burns.

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Erisbeg’s investment philosophy is to partner with ambitious management teams to help them grow their businesses and achieve their full potential.

The firm invests in a wide range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services.

Erisbeg’s first fund, Erisbeg I LP, was raised in 2018 with a target of €110 million. The fund has since made a number of investments, including:

  • PageOne: A leading provider of marketing and communications services to businesses in Ireland and the UK.
  • EMR Integrated Solutions: A leading provider of integrated operational telecommunications and cyber security solutions for utilities and critical national infrastructure operators in Ireland and the UK.
  • Greenstar: A leading provider of environmental services in Ireland.

Erisbeg is currently investing its second fund, Erisbeg II LP, which was raised in 2022 with a target of €150 million. The firm is looking to invest in businesses with annual sales of €20-€100 million and EBITDA of €5-€20 million.

If you are an ambitious entrepreneur with an established business that is looking for growth capital, Erisbeg may be a good fit for you. The firm has a proven track record of investing in and supporting Irish businesses, and they are committed to helping you achieve your business goals.

Here are some of the key features of Erisbeg’s investment strategy:

  • Focus on established businesses: Erisbeg invests in businesses that are already profitable and have a track record of growth. This reduces the risk for the firm and allows them to focus on helping the business grow even further.
  • Long-term investment horizon: Erisbeg invests for the long term, with a view to achieving attractive returns for its investors. This means that they are willing to take risks on businesses that have the potential to grow significantly over time.
  • Flexible investment approach: Erisbeg is flexible in its investment approach. They can invest directly in companies or through funds. They can also invest in a variety of stages of a company’s lifecycle, from early-stage to growth-stage.
  • Experienced team: The investment team at Erisbeg has a wealth of experience in the private equity and venture capital markets. They are committed to helping Irish businesses grow and succeed.

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