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CX Partners: Focused on innovative businesses and empowering entrepreneurs

CX Partners, a private equity firm based in India, has been making waves in the industry with its focus on innovative businesses and empowering entrepreneurs.

With offices in New Delhi and Mumbai, the company has built a strong reputation for creating value through strategic investments and partnerships.

Its team comprises experienced finance and investment professionals who are dedicated to exploring new age opportunities and serving on the boards of various companies.

Established in 2009, CX Partners has grown considerably over the years, partnering with businesses across a wide range of sectors, including financial services, consumer goods, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Their investment portfolio showcases a mix of both control and minority investments, benefitting their business partners through tailored financial support and value creation strategies.

As a leading player in the private equity landscape, CX Partners continually explores contemporary investment opportunities. Through their prudent strategies and commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, they have successfully impacted numerous businesses and industries.

The firm remains focused on delivering exceptional returns for their investors while driving positive change in the markets they serve.

Private Equity Firms India

Private Equity India

Background of CX Partners

Historical Overview

CX Partners is an India-focused private equity firm, specialising in making growth equity investments. Founded in 2008 and based in New Delhi, India, the company has been a key player in the industry ever since. CX Partners operates in a diverse range of sectors including healthcare, financial services, consumer products, outsourced services, and niche manufacturing.

As a privately held firm, they value exceptional, innovative businesses and collaborate with owners and managers to build upon their existing strengths. Their mission is to enable innovative businesses, empower entrepreneurs, and create value.

Team and Workers

With a team size of fewer than 25 employees, CX Partners is dedicated to providing quality investment and support. Their team members possess expertise in various fields like infrastructure financing, corporate banking, merchant banking, debt capital markets, and venture capital. The firm’s headquarters are located in Mumbai, India, showcasing their commitment to the local market.

With their strong knowledge of the markets they operate in, CX Partners has built a robust presence, particularly in the technology, media, consumer products, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors. The firm’s expertise, coupled with their dedicated workforce, has been pivotal in fostering successful partnership arrangements.

By keeping their focus on developing promising organisations, CX Partners continues to make a considerable impact within the Indian market. The company strives to be a reliable, confident, and knowledgeable partner in the private equity industry, ensuring their collaborations contribute to further gains and sustainable growth.

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