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Bpifrance: Supporting French Startups to Large Corporations

BPI France, also known as the Banque publique d’investissement, is a French public sector investment bank.

It is a joint venture of two state owned enterprises: the Caisse des dépôts et consignations and EPIC BPI-Groupe (formerly EPIC OSEO).Bpifrance’s mission is to support the growth of French companies, from start-ups to large corporations.

It does this through a variety of financial products and services, including:

  • Investment: Bpifrance invests in French companies through direct equity investments, loans, and guarantees.
  • Guarantees: Bpifrance guarantees loans made by banks to French companies. This helps to reduce the risk for banks and makes it easier for companies to get financing.
  • Advice and support: Bpifrance provides advice and support to French companies on a wide range of topics, including business strategy, marketing, and export.

Bpifrance is also involved in a number of initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in France. These include:

  • France 2030: This is a government-led initiative to invest €30 billion in research and innovation over the next 10 years. Bpifrance is playing a key role in this initiative, by providing financial support to innovative companies.
  • Deep Tech Tour: This is a nationwide tour that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers to discuss the latest advances in deep tech. Bpifrance is a sponsor of the Deep Tech Tour.
  • Bpifrance Inno Grant: This is a grant program that supports innovative start-ups and SMEs. The grant can be used to cover a variety of costs, such as research and development, prototyping, and marketing.

Bpifrance is a major player in the French economy. It has supported over 2 million companies and helped to create over 2 million jobs.

It is committed to helping French companies grow and succeed, and to making France a leader in innovation.

Here are some additional information about BPI France:

  • It was founded in 2012 by the merger of OSEO and CDC Entreprises.
  • Its headquarters are located in Paris.
  • It has over 2,200 employees.
  • Its budget for 2023 is €3.7 billion.

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