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Activa Capital: A Paris Headquarted Mid Market Specialist focused on France

Activa Capital is a private equity firm that invests in mid-market companies in France.

The firm was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Paris. Activa Capital has offices in Lyon, Bordeaux, and Lille.

Activa Capital invests in companies in a variety of sectors, including industrials, services, and healthcare.

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The firm typically invests between €10 million and €50 million in each company. Activa Capital looks for companies with strong management teams, attractive growth prospects, and a clear path to profitability.

Activa Capital

Once Activa Capital invests in a company, it takes an active role in its management. The firm provides its portfolio companies with access to its network of experienced entrepreneurs and executives. Activa Capital also helps its portfolio companies with strategy, marketing, and fundraising.Activa Capital is a leading private equity firm in France.

The firm has a strong track record of success and is a trusted partner for mid-market companies. If you are looking for a private equity firm to help you grow your business, Activa Capital is a great option.Here are some of the key facts about Activa Capital:

  • Founded in 1998
  • Headquarters in Paris, France
  • €600 million in assets under management
  • Team of 25 professionals
  • Invests in industrials, services, and healthcare
  • Provides hands-on support to portfolio companies
  • Strong track record of success

Some of Activa Capital’s notable investments include:

  • Alliance Etiquettes: A French manufacturer of labels for the wine and food industries.
  • Be Relax: A French network of spas and wellness centers
  • Explore: A French tour operator specializing in adventure travel.
  • Look Cycle: A French manufacturer of high-end bicycles.
  • Mecadaq Group: A French manufacturer of machine tools for the aerospace industry.

Activa Capital is a respected private equity firm with a strong track record of success. The firm is well-positioned to continue to grow in the years to come.Here are some additional details about Activa Capital:

  • The firm’s investment strategy is focused on three main areas: industrials, services, and healthcare.
  • Activa Capital typically invests in companies with a market capitalization of €10 million to €50 million.
  • The firm has a strong track record of success, with an average internal rate of return of over 20%.
  • Activa Capital is a trusted partner for mid-market companies, providing them with access to capital, expertise, and a network of contacts.

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