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Tunisian Startup Seekmake Secures €500k from France’s Lafayette Group for Expansion

SeekMake, a Tunisian startup, has recently secured an investment of €500,000 (USD 539,000) from Lafayette Group, a European private equity firm.

The investment will be used to support the company’s global expansion plans and establish a base in France and Germany. SeekMake’s digital manufacturing platform serves as a mediator between industrial manufacturers and end-users, streamlining the manufacturing process and accelerating part production.

SeekMake offers various manufacturing options, including CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, laser cutting, and engraving.

The company has achieved several milestones, including amassing a user and manufacturer base of over 10,000, forming partnerships with 72 manufacturers, and venturing into 40 countries. SeekMake has a diverse client base in Tunisia, the United States, and Australia and is now targeting new markets.

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SeekMake’s dedication to collaboration is evident through its partnerships with various Tunisian startups, assisting in crafting their prototypes.

SeekMake’s reputation for swiftly and safely actualising ideas, projects, and prototypes, has led to collaborations with influential clients and partners.

SeekMake’s notable achievements include partnering with TELNET and Polymath Company in 2021 to contribute to the prototyping stages of Tunisia’s first satellite, Challenge ONE.

The company’s growth trajectory has been impressive, with internal growth and capital infusion from investors. SeekMake has established a branch in Estonia as part of its growth strategy. The company is a trailblazer in the Tunisian startup ecosystem and has a track record of accelerating part production and reducing costs for its clients. SeekMake’s digital manufacturing platform offers cost-effectiveness, durability, and strength, making it an attractive option for industrial manufacturers and end-users alike.

In summary, SeekMake’s digital manufacturing platform serves as a mediator between manufacturers and end-users, streamlining the manufacturing process, and accelerating part production. SeekMake’s partnerships with various Tunisian startups and influential clients and partners have led to its impressive growth trajectory and expansion plans on an international scale.

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