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5 charts from Pitchbook that illustrate how French PE has thrived despite the Euro Stall

5 charts from Pitchbook have been released by Pitchbook that illustrate how French private equity has thrived despite the stall in the European market

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  1. Deal volume and value: French private equity deal volume and value both increased in Q1 2023, bucking the trend in the rest of Europe. Deal volume increased by 11.9% to 309 deals, while deal value increased by 43.9% to €25.3 billion.
  2. Mega-deals: France accounted for two of the three largest European PE deals in Q1 2023. Providence Equity Partners’s €1.4 billion buyout of French automotive data firm A2Mac1 from Five Arrows and Caisse des Dépôts Group’s €1.1 billion acquisition of heavily indebted French nursing home company Orpea were both major deals that helped to boost French private equity activity.
  3. Exit market: The French PE exit market also performed well in Q1 2023, with a total value of €21.3 billion from 69 exits. This was a 142.5% increase from the previous quarter, and it equated to nearly half of 2022’s full year exit value.
  4. Investor appetite: French private equity continued to attract strong investor appetite in Q1 2023. The country’s PE funds raised €11.2 billion in new capital, which was a 10.9% increase from the previous quarter.
  5. Sector trends: French private equity investors focused on a variety of sectors in Q1 2023, with healthcare, technology, and consumer staples being particularly popular. Healthcare deals accounted for 20% of total deal value, technology deals accounted for 18%, and consumer staples deals accounted for 15%.

These charts show that French private equity has been resilient in the face of the challenges facing the European market. The strong performance of the French PE market is due to a number of factors, including the country’s strong economy, its attractive investment landscape, and its deep pool of experienced investors.

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