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Croatian Regulator Approves Launch of Two Funds with Four Sub-Funds

Croatia’s financial services regulator, Hanfa, has approved the launch of two open-ended investment funds with public offering and four open-ended investment sub-funds.

ZB Invest has been granted approval to set up and manage ZB Invest Funds – ZB bond 2026 EUR, an open-ended investment sub-fund with public offering, and to include this sub-fund into ZB Invest Funds, its umbrella UCITS fund.

OTP Invest has been authorized to set up and manage two open-ended investment funds with public offering, OTP Multi EUR 2025 and OTP Multi USD 3.

Erste Asset Management has also been granted authorization to set up and run three open-ended investment sub-funds with public offering, Erste Horizont 2025 USD, Erste Horizont 2026 III, and Erste Horizont 2026 IV, and to include these sub-funds into Erste Asset Management, its umbrella UCITS.

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The approval of the investment funds and sub-funds is in line with the regulations set out by the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) and the UCITS Directive.

The investment funds and sub-funds will offer a diverse range of investment strategies, including bonds, equities, real estate, and alternative investment funds. The funds will be open-ended, offering investors the opportunity to buy and sell shares or units at any time. The investment managers will be responsible for monitoring the funds and providing annual reports to the regulators.

The funds will also be subject to risk diversification and liquidity requirements to ensure transparency and disclosure to investors.

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