Astanor Ventures Seals €360 Million Fund for Sustainable Agrifood Tech

Astanor Ventures Seals €360 Million Fund for Sustainable Agrifood Tech

Astanor Ventures, a Brussels-based global leader in agrifood tech impact investing, has successfully closed their second venture fund at €360 million, solidifying their position as an agrifood specialist and forward-thinking player within the investment landscape.

Their commitment to fostering transformative change and championing innovation in the sector is evident through this major milestone.

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With over €800 million in assets under management across various funds and special purpose vehicles, Astanor Ventures has grown since its foundation in 2017.

The firm’s success is demonstrated by the continuous engagement of large family offices and institutional ‘repeat’ investors, signaling resilience amidst a turbulent economy.

This emphasises the significance of agrifood tech and bioeconomy sectors and their potential for innovation in response to global climate challenges and the demand for sustainable options.

Astanor Ventures’ investment strategy focuses on supporting early-stage, mission-driven companies addressing social or environmental issues through nature-positive solutions.

By taking a holistic view of the complex agrifood value chain, the firm aims to achieve system change.

Their extensive network of entrepreneurs, experts, scientists, leaders, and policymakers enables them to identify innovative technologies driving the bioeconomy, with a particular emphasis on regenerative agriculture solutions.

To date, Astanor Ventures has invested in more than 45 promising companies and mission-driven founders worldwide.

Their core values include climate transition, nature positivity, resource efficiency, and improving social and health outcomes. The firm’s dedication to tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, and human health issues is echoed by their belief in the agrifood sector’s potential for systemic change.

Astanor Ventures’ successful closing of their second venture fund highlights their conviction in their vision and mission.

The additional €360 million raised will enable the firm to amplify its impact, catalyse innovative solutions, transcend traditional boundaries, and support entrepreneurs pioneering advancements in food and agriculture, ultimately contributing to a thriving bioeconomy.

The challenges faced today, such as climate change and resource scarcity, demand a transformation in food production, distribution, and consumption. Astanor Ventures is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in this transformation by supporting visionary entrepreneurs redefining the future of agrifood, leading the way to a more sustainable and resilient global food system.