Best Porto Startups #1 BEST STARTUPS Porto 2021 Guide

Best Startups Porto 2020 Guide

Best Porto Startups #1 BEST STARTUPS Porto 2021 Guide

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Porto is rapidly catching up with Lisbon in terms of the startup scene and has always had a strong industrial base and is surrounded by a wonderful country and coastline is attracting many startups so lets take a look at some of the hottest new tech companies in this exciting city.

Porto Best Startups Porto best oporto startups Portugal


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Infraspeak believe in simplicity as the ultimate way to improve lives and work. Everything they do must be simpler, smarter and a source of good life for everyone — our customers, employees, partners, families and friends.


Jscrambler started as AuditMark, back in 2009, when developing a solution to fight click-fraud in advertising campaigns – a web traffic audit mechanism that was JavaScript dependent. There was no tool capable of protecting JavaScript in the market so the need was met and Jscrambler was born.

The solution has evolved since its first version and made a giant leap forward in terms of resilience, potency and efficiency, attained through a lot of investment in R&D. The name of the flagship product became also the name of the company. Nowadays, Jscrambler has offices in Porto and Lisbon and protects companies spread all over the world.


best Porto startups porto startups oporto startups portugal startups weezie
Weezie – best porto startups 2020

Weezie are a software house company, madly in love with the world of network technologies and what it does.

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Weezie believe that “of genius and crazy we all have a little”. That is why, in everything they try to do, they apply an infallible tactic: creativity + know-how and experience resulting in a service of excellence, focused on and adapted to the Client.


best Porto startups porto startups oporto startups portugal startups tonic

Tonic was born out of their executive MBA at IE Business School in 2015 and the company was incorporated in April 2016 in Porto, Portugal, after they made sure they were really on to something amazing: making healthcare efficient, after the failed promise of the digital so far in the industry.

Porto Best Startups Porto best oporto startups Portugal

Porto Startups

Porto Startups (18)

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