Metaverse Company XONE Joins Abbey Road Red Tech Incubator
Metaverse Company XONE Joins Abbey Road Red Tech Incubator

Metaverse Company XONE Joins Abbey Road Red Tech Incubator

Metaverse Company XONE Joins Abbey Road Red Tech Incubator


The music video and streaming platform XONE has recently joined forces with Nreal, the creator of the consumer AR glasses. Nreal recently raised $60 million from Alibaba, and the two companies will work to promote the XONE app and its bricks-and-mortar stores later this year. The partnership will also help XONE expand its musical ambitions and understand the music industry, including the creative and technical design components of their first music partnerships.


A music tech incubator based in London has announced the latest addition to its portfolio: Metaverse company XONE. The company has developed an app that combines blockchain mechanics, mobile AR technology, and social features to create virtual spaces. Users can stream music, build virtual worlds, and show off their digital items. The XONE app also has features that enable users to host listening parties and live performances.

XONE’s technology combines social options, mobile-first AR expertise, and blockchain mechanics to offer a social media interface that enables users to build virtual spaces in 3D. The company aims to bring the next generation of creators to the supermarket and integrate with Augmented Reality glasses from Nreal. The startup recently raised $60 million from Alibaba, a Chinese commercial powerhouse.

XONE aims to deploy spatial and interactive audio elements across its music experiences

The recent announcement by Apple that it plans to release enhanced spatial audio releases by 2021 has put the spotlight on this new technology. Apple, for one, recently became the first company to be valued at $3 trillion, and the industry has jumped on the bandwagon. Meanwhile, several ventures have emerged in the space. While the technology is not new to industry giants, it has sparked a new wave of research and development. For consumers, it presents a new angle from which to view music, movies, and other experiences.

Increasing consumer demand for immersive music and audio has spurred new developments in spatialized audio. Spatial audio replicates the nature of real-world listening and may provide added benefits to consumers. The growing trend toward more natural listening and improved mental health is one of the driving forces behind new developments in spatial audio. Therefore, the technology could help digital wellness platforms deliver better user experiences and greater value to their consumers.

XONE integrates technology into Nreal’s consumer AR glasses product line

XONE aims to build mixed reality experiences and immersive audio into its consumer AR glasses. The glasses’ chunky frame will project virtual images onto a transparent screen. Users can interact with the music and other content using discovery feeds, likes and comments, chat features, and overlays on the real world in AR mode. The company’s founders are recent graduates from the Berklee Valencia School of Music. Their experience in the field includes working with artists such as Troy Sivan and Glass Animals.

The company has recently received $60 million from Alibaba, and now plans to integrate the technology into its consumer AR glasses product line. The company will also begin promoting the XONE app in brick-and-mortar stores across the UK and beyond. The move is expected to help Nreal sell more products, and Nreal will continue to expand beyond the United Kingdom. However, the company is still working out its pricing structure and launching the XONE consumer AR glasses isn’t a sure thing, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

XONE aims to onboard the next generation of creators, fans, and artists into the metaverse

The founders of XONE are recent graduates of Berklee Valencia School of Music, and the company was founded by founders of AR design agency Auras Studios, which has worked with major record labels to create augmented reality campaigns. They’re also focusing on integrating social features to further engage fans and create a familiar social interface for sharing their digital identity.

The XONE platform will be built with Unreal Engine technology. The company’s team will work closely with the Atlanta Braves to build the virtual version of Truist Park, their home stadium. XONE will include a convention club and digital art museum. The Tron Foundation, the company behind the popular cryptocurrency Tron, is the third company to develop a metaverse complex. After Google and Facebook, it’s expected that the sector will soon be a trillion dollar industry.

XONE’s music platform combines NFTs with Web3.0 infrastructures. Its Listen to Earn program will allow artists to sell their music directly to fans in exchange for $MCT tokens. The program will allow artists to retain control over their work and encourage fans to discover new music by purchasing it with $MUV tokens.

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