London Startups 2020 List – Top STARTUPS London & The UK

London Startups 2020

London Startups 2020 List – Top STARTUPS London & The UK

Scale up world is booming right now and with areas like blockchain creating whol new concepts to contribute to the world’s economy there’s no doubt that Tech as a category is rapidly growing. In fact, IT engineers salary’s reportedly growing to £74k it’s clear the heady days are back again

So to help you keep track of some of the players and shakers here’s a list of some of the top startup companies in London and across the UK to keep an eye on in 2020 starting win the blockchain gang.

Hot London Startups 2020 Top Startups London

Blockchain - Hottest Blockchain Startups London
blockchain startups UK positions themselves as the most trusted and fastest growing crypto company, helping millions across the globe have an easy and safe way to access cryptocurrencies

Blockchain Startups London -

BC Bitcoin

BC Bitcoin hottest blockchain startups London UK

BC Bitcoin is one of the UK’s most trusted Crypto Brokers specialising in a variety of different crypto currencies. BC Bitcoin should be your go to choice.


Clearmatics logo blockchain jobs london

Clearmatics is a great example from our list of growing London startups UK as it provides protocols and peer-to-peer platform architecture – cryptographic systems for member owned and governed networks to exchange value.

London startups Clearmatics


Verisart Blockchain Jobs London
Verisart – hot blockchain startups London

Verisart is the world’s leading platform to certify and verify artworks and collectibles using the Bitcoin blockchain and one of the coolest blockchain startups London has right now

Since its launch in 2015, Verisart has provided contemporary artists including Shepard Fairey with a free and easy way to generate permanent certificates of authenticity and reduce the scope for fraudulent activity.

London Startups 2020 List - HOT STARTUPS LONDON UK

Verisart combines museum certification standards, distributed ledger technology and image recognition to its provenance and registry services.

Monolith AI

Monolith Blockchain Jobs London FSE
Monolith London startups UK

Monolith AI was born from the founder’s Ph.D. at Imperial College London and NASA and is a decentralised banking alternative, powered by Ethereum

Monolith Blockchain Jobs London Logo

Aztec Protocol

AZTEC is one of the leading London based deep-tech blockchain companies working on cutting edge privacy infrastructure for public blockchains.

Their new office, located near Old Street, positions them at the centre of the growing blockchain community which includes startups, enterprise, enthusiasts and investors.

Aztre have an established network within traditional finance, elite universities and software engineering which provides us with the experience and support required to deliver innovative and useful products.

Aztec logo - London Blockchain startups London Blockchain companies UK


Layertwo are developing trading settlement technologies. Layertwo is one of the blockchain companies London has which we are looking forward to coming off stealth mode soon

Layertwo logo - Blockchain startups London Blockchain companies UK


Mimica is building the future of work automation as our software observes, learns and automates your most repetitive work.

Mimica logo - Blockchain startups London Blockchain companies UK


Nivaura - Blockchain startups London Blockchain companies UK

Nivaura’s flagship platform, Aurora is used by banks, issuers and law firms to create and execute new issue legal documentation, and to efficiently disseminate relevant data to settlement teams, paying agents, securities depositories and stock exchanges as well as other relevant capital markets infrastructure and service providers.


Tracr is connecting the Diamond Industry by establishing Provenance by building an end-to-end diamond industry blockchain traceability platform

Tracr logo Aztec - Blockchain London blockchain startups London Blockchain companies UK
Tracr Hot London Startups 2020


Chainalysis create transparency for a global economy built on blockchains, enabling banks, business, and governments to have a common understanding of how people use cryptocurrency.

London Startups 2020 List - HOT STARTUPS LONDON UK


With a combined experience of over forty years in payments, financial trade and software development, the Plutus team is more than well prepared to revolutionize the practical usage of bitcoin and improve the standards of the industry and its use of blockchain technology.


nChain create value that can be measured financially, but choose to measure success in the value they create to advance human lives and human experiences. In that way, Blockchain is so much more than a tool for enterprises.

More than a product to plug in and take advantage of. nChain believe that Bitcoin is a lens. Looking through it, they see new opportunities to tackle our most daunting global challenges. Peering through it, nChain argue that they can see new realities for security, safety, privacy and personal liberty.


Kraken Digital Cryptocurrency Jobs London Blockchain UK jobs

Kraken is one of the largest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, Kraken is consistently named one of the best places to buy and sell crypto online they argue is due to their excellent service, low fees, versatile funding options and rigorous security standards and have been on the forefront of the blockchain revolution since 2011.

Carbon Chain IO

A granular and automated greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reporting platform for global supply chains

Carbonchain‘s automated cloud-based platform makes it easy and cost-effective to map out any supply chain’s GHG emissions/

Our reports are based on recognised GHG accounting methodologies to allow straightfoward auditing

Carbonchain Blockchain startips London


LedgerComm - Blockchain Jobs London UK 1

LedgerComm was founded on the belief that the loan market process is in serious need of an overhaul.

London Startups 2020 List - HOT STARTUPS LONDON UK

Today, by embracing best in class technology, solving problems quickly and having a strong client focused work ethic, our platform drives a new kind of global financial services company. One where corporations, funds, banks and business owners can trade, raise capital and settle risk assets on a platform that is secure and easy-to-use.

LedgerComm - Blockchain Jobs London UK




The experts in natural language conversation-as-a-service.

Futr is in the business of producing natural language chatbots for central government organisations as well as police, emergency and rescue forces by providing chatbots to staff and citizens to use every day very much like Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack.


Novoville aims to do this by making it easier for members of the public to interact with their local government or authority by allowing citizens (us!) to submit requests and find info including web consultations and via IM (instant messaging) as well as a simple web based payments system for services such as paying parking fines and council tax bills.

novoville - Top Govtech Startups London UK 2020


Babylon is one of the largest HeathTech and GovTech startups in the UK with a Billion+ valuation. As a mobile health platform it is used to power the NHS’ GP at Hand service which allows patients to book appointments and talk to their doctor through their smartphone in certain regional NHS trusts like Hammersmith & Chelsea

Babylon logo Top GovTech Startups London

We hope you liked our Startups London list for 2020

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London Startups 2020 List - HOT STARTUPS LONDON UK

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Top London Startups 2020 List - TECH STARTUPS UK
Top London Startups 2020 List - TECH STARTUPS UK
Top London Startups 2020 List - TECH STARTUPS UK, London Startup world is booming right now and with areas like blockchain creating whol new concepts to contribute to the world's economy there's no doubt that Tech as a category is rapidly growing.
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