Food Startups London #1 BEST LONDON FOOD STARTUPS UK 2020 Guide

Food Startups London #1 BEST LONDON FOOD STARTUPS UK 2020 Guide

Food startups London

London’s eating scene has some great examples of passionate hard working food & drink entrepreneurs like the founder of Gousto and other food innovators around the world and has been (Corona update…was….) thriving for some time and there’s no doubt there has been a new, long and brilliant revolution in culinary options in the UK with the capital leading the charge

Food Startups London

In fact, it’s come so far that there’s even a not so new argument that London is the best city in the world for dining out which is based in some fact.

So, with that in mind we look at some of the new entrepreneurs and London scaleups entering the scene and some evidence of community support to help them shake up how we engage and eat in the capital.

London Food Startups BEST FOOD START UPS London
food startups london

1. Feast it

FOOD STARTUPS London feast it London Food Startups

Choose from 1000+ handpicked street food caterers, mobile bars, florists, photographers, marquees, staff and more.

Tell Feast it about your event and the types of suppliers you’re looking for.

You’ll be assigned a personal Event Pro who will get to work finding the perfect suppliers for your event and will be on hand every step of the way, from submitting your enquiry until after your event.

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London Startups London UK - Feast IT
Feast it delivery service approved – london food startups

2. Butternut Box

BEST FOOD STARTUPS London butternut box London Food Startups

Your dog’s box is portioned to your dog based on their individual dietary requirements reducing food waste

Buternut Box’s small new industry service will take all the time hassle away by pre-portioning meals into daily production servings as part of their delivery service – just open, serve and set their tails to “wag”.

Butternut Box’s nutritional consultation is based on and takes into account the age, weight, breed, body condition and activity level of your dog to help them create your unique meal plan.

London Startups London UK - Butternut Box
Butternut Box – London food startups

3. Olio

London Food Startups BEST FOOD STARTUPS London olio

Olio connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away to reduce food waste.

This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare home-grown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries in your fridge when you go away.

For your convenience, OLIO can also be used for non-food household items too.

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OLIO’s new startup service based in London is both super easy and about time!

To make an item available, simply open the app, add a photo, description, and when and where the item is available for pick-up (it is not a delivery service at the moment).

To access items, simply browse the listings available near you, request whatever takes your fancy and arrange a pick-up via private messaging.

London Startups London UK - Olio
olio reducing food waste – best food startups london

4. City Pantry

London Food Startups BEST FOOD START UPS London city pantry

City Pantry‘s new based in London delivery startup service serves up glorious grub from hundreds of food industry to small kitchen to top restaurants across the UK to your company if based in London.

From meeting canapes (and better!) and team or company lunches to work events and more all through the days of the week.

London Startups London UK - City Pantry
best london food startup company guide

5. Perk Box

London Food Startups BEST FOOD START UPS London perk box

Perkbox (london based) is an all-in-one platform which helps you create a great employee experience.

Attract, engage and retain the best talent with Perks, free or discounted products, Recognition, Medical and Insights. 

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London Startups London UK - Perkbox

6. Graze

Graze who are based in London believe the healthy choice shouldn’t be a compromise on taste!

We’ve found that using the best ingredients nature has to offer makes the best snacks, and we’ve got many delicious, wholesome creations for you to look forward to.

Imagine having taste experts on hand to select snacks for you!

London Food Startups BEST FOOD STARTUPS UK food startups graze banner

With a graze subscription you’ll do exactly that, all you have to do is tell us what you like and we’ll tailor the flavours of each box to suit you.

London Food Startups BEST FOOD STARTUPS UK food startups graze icon

7. Deliveroo

Deliveroo‘s app-based delivery service based in London enables customers to order restaurant-standard food from the comfort of their sofa or office.

However, despite an Amazon led £450+ million Series G funding round, Deliveroo’s future is not assured, despite this awesome funding round, due to competition from Just Eat / and being impacted by Corona.

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London Food Startups BEST FOOD STARTUPS UK food startups deliveroo icon
the best delivery service startup business?

8. Tails

The Tails new startup business based in London began by assembling a crack team of experts including vets, nutritionists and engineers (and their dogs).

Their mission was then to develop a super-smart way to create a unique recipe and delivery service for every single dog – yes, even yours.

From your dog’s weird preference for whiffy fish smells, to that itchy skin condition, your dog’s recipe is based on information only you could know and to reduce food waste.

London Food Startups BEST FOOD STARTUPS UK food startups tails banner
London Food Startups BEST FOOD STARTUPS UK food startups tails logo
a total of £5M raised in funding round 1-3

9. EatFirst

EatFirst was created by Benn Hodges as an antidote to the mass-produced meals on offer to time-poor foodies looking for high-quality wholesome meals at home or work.

Coming from a Michelin starred restaurant background, Benn and his team use high-end cooking techniques and ethically sourced ingredients to create healthy, fresh guilt-free meals.

The Great Taste Award-winning kitchens of chef Benn Hodges are open to everyone in the UK with a brand new nationwide delivery service.

Aimed at discerning foodies looking for healthy alternatives to takeaway, the new store offers restaurant quality ready meals and fine wines with fast on-demand and overnight chilled delivery.

Food Startups London BEST LONDON FOOD STARTUPS London best uk food startups UK EatFirst

10. KaraKuri

Karakuri’s automation systems makes choice and meal personalization a reality for every diner, regardless of price point. Detailed data logging of the quantities and qualities of foods used in each meal ensure each restaurant delivers unique, high quality dishes on time, every time.

Many of the daily tasks performed in food production are boring, repetitive, and time-consuming.

Karakuri’s robots can carry out these tasks quickly and consistently, alleviating staff members from high volume manual jobs and enabling them to spend more time with customers, and on higher value, more creative roles.

By automating certain tasks, Karakuri’s systems empower businesses to create a more fulfilling working environment, helping to improve employee welfare and job satisfaction, while increasing productivity and staff retention.

Food Startups London BEST LONDON FOOD STARTUPS London best uk food startups UK karakuri


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What Does the terms and expression Food Startups Mean?

Food startups is actually a bit of an undefined term as it does include what could be considered traditional and no less sexy new restaurants and food business who bring new innovative practises to the category

Is launching a Food Startup Business Risky?

Yes very much so! The restaurant category is well known for having an extremely high failure rate, incredible competition and significant investment and resourcing commitment needed

What is the Main Focus of Food Startups London right now?

Without doubt it’s new food ventures with transparency and ethical practises baked in, particularly new vegan and plant based enterprises

Is Launching a Food Startup or a good idea?

Yes if you’ve a passion for it. It’s extremely hard work in an exceptionally competitive and challenging environment and we’ve nothing but admiration for those that go for it. But be prepared, it will most likely be high investment in terms of your cash and time and high risk.

London Food Startups

London Food Startups BEST FOOD START UPS London

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