London-based Digital Id Blockchain Startup Cheqd Secures £1.9m In Funding

London-based digital ID blockchain startup cheqd secures £1.9M in funding

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A London-based startup, cheqd has secured $2.6 million in funding to support their product launch later this year and help drive widespread uptake of digital IDs among governments around the world

cheqd vision is to become the de-facto payment mechanism for authentic/trusted data regardless of country, industry or underlying technology. This is all in service of a much greater mission – to give people and companies back their privacy and control of their data.

Cheqd believe the adoption of self-sovereign identity (SSI) is key to enabling our mission. This is why we are building commercial models through a blockchain network, tokens and tokenomics.

By introducing payments and other sustainable economic incentives, we can turbocharge the adoption of SSI, return control and privacy to individuals, and enable new business models for authentic data they are trying to make it easier for individuals and organisations to trust each other.

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