List of DevOps Blogs

List of Devops Blogs

List of DevOps Blogs

The following list of DevOps blogs is by no means comprehensive. The list includes blogs from various vendors, such as Continuous Delivery, AWS, and Docker. It also includes the Capital One DevOps blog. You can find more blogs related to DevOps by checking out the following articles. If you are interested in DevOps, but have no idea where to start, you can always visit the blogs of companies and organizations who have been doing it for years.

Docker DevOps blog

The Docker DevOps blog contains valuable information for those in the DevOps field. Almost all of the information is product-specific, but there are some great articles that are useful for all DevOps practitioners. Another popular site with useful articles about DevOps is DZone. This tech site publishes several articles a day, including interviews with well-known DevOps engineers. In addition, it also features practical implementations of tools and best practices in different industries.

Another popular DevOps blog is the DevOps Guys. The blog, which is run by James Smith and Steve Thair, discusses the culture of DevOps. It also features articles on continuous delivery & deployment, everything as code, containerization, and more. It’s easy to find useful information here and a great place to start learning more about DevOps.

Continuous Delivery blog

The Continuous Delivery blog is divided into two parts. Part one provides a robust definition of CD, while part two explores the impact of CD on organizations. The concept of CD has changed the way companies develop new products, services, and business capabilities. It is no longer just a matter of leveraging IT teams to develop software, but also aligning business goals and technical solutions. Claude Hopkins’ scientific advertising concept first came to light in 1923, and today, it is essential to accelerate product development with the help of CD. This approach is now possible due to the Internet’s accessibility.

AWS DevOps blog

In addition to hosting the AWS DevOps blog, Microsoft Azure also has a DevOps blog, though this one doesn’t publish tutorials. The blog focuses on Azure updates, the DevOps pipeline, and a weekly top stories roundup. The Capital One Tech blog features reviews of the company’s DevOps efforts. For example, it looks at the company’s pipeline design and the creation of open-source monitoring tool Hygieia.

AWS DevOps is a concept that enables organizations to innovate faster by automating the infrastructure management and software release process. This philosophy involves combining traditional software development and infrastructure management processes, and allows organizations to release new applications faster and easier than ever before. While the term “devops” may not have a common meaning for every business, it applies to both IT teams. While the terms DevOps and AWS do not necessarily go hand in hand, they are often used interchangeably.

Capital One’s DevOps blog

To keep up with the customer’s demands, Capital One has adopted DevOps as a core competency. The bank has been using a suite of technologies to deliver customer experiences, including real-time notifications and insights. Capital One will continue to use DevOps as a core competency by releasing more open-source products. Below are some of the highlights of Capital One’s DevOps blog.

Earlier, Capital One relied on developers to build applications, and then the product management teams would test them before pushing them to production. Today, these teams build, test, and deploy software continuously, using microservices and containers on Amazon Web Services. Capital One’s DevOps blog is filled with case studies and real-world examples of implementing DevOps in an organization. By following these practices, you can start leveraging DevOps in your organization today.

Slack DevOpsChat

There are thousands of Slack groups to choose from. You can join them all, or only follow the ones you’re interested in. Slack is a useful tool for communication, but it’s not the best news aggregator. A good one is Puppet, which creates useful DevOps software. The Puppet resource library is packed with every type of content imaginable, from jobs to blog posts.

Slack DevOpsChet has over 11,000 members and is also a great place to learn about various tools and techniques. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced developer, you can find great advice in Slack. Many of these channels also have useful tools and information. You can search for specific topics and tools using a keyword. This will narrow down the search even more.

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