LegalTech Startups London #1 LEGAL STARTUPS LONDON 2021 UK Guide

Best Legaltech Startups London

LegalTech Startups London #1 LEGAL STARTUPS LONDON 2021 UK Guide


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The legal technology world is booming in the capital, which is still considered to be the “lawyer for the world” due to the collision of a world hub for legal services and tech so let’s look at some of the scale-ups lowering rates, increasing productive and generally improving the sector.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the best legal tech companies making waves in the UK…

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london legal startups london uk legal startups uk - lexoo legaltech startups london

We here at Rainmakrr believe Lexoo have a claim to be the first ever LegalTech Startup London had, and almost certainly in terms of providing a marketplace for startups and companies to quickly find great lawyers AND to reduce lawyers business development time, effort and money which they can pass on to their new customers

OK, partly pass on, They can’t help it that they are lawyers…

london legaltech startups london legal startups london best legal startup uk lexoo banner
Lexoo – legaltech startups london

It also gives us a chance to mention the UK’s nicest lawyer Adam Tucker who was Lexoo’s poster child on their home page banner due to being pretty much their highest user rated lawyer and the go to guy for marketplace and SAAS startups before their website redesign.

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Halcyon days….

london legaltech startups london legal startups london best legal startup uk adam tucker photo


london legal startups london uk legal startups uk - just legal

Justlegal believe searching for solicitors and providers of other professional services can be confusing, stressful and usually expensive and are here to change that.

Best Legal Startups London Guide

Just Legal aims to help you quickly find all legal service providers close to your chosen location and show you any fixed fee prices available and work hard to be trusted by consumers to provide impartial help in a wide range of issue.

Just Legal can recommend solicitors for when you as an individual or a company need professional help as part of their mission to provide the UK’s first all of market search and comparison site.

london legaltech startups london legal startups london best legal startup uk JustLegal banner


london legal startups london uk legal startups uk -seed legals
london legal startups london – seed

Seedlegals aim to transform startup funding, making it faster, simpler… better!

That’s why in just three years they reportedly now help more UK companies raise investment than anyone else.

SeedLegals was founded by serial entrepreneur Anthony Rose and serial angel investor Laurent Laffy who met at a party in Rome. They’d both had enough of paying insane amounts of money to lawyers for the same legal documents at every funding round, and funding rounds taking months to negotiate and close. They decided to change it.

Fast forward 6 months and SeedLegals launched as the world’s first platform that lets founders and investors easily create, negotiate and sign all the legal agreements they need to do a funding round. In less than 3 years, SeedLegals is reportedly now the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK.

london legaltech startups london legal startups london best legal startup uk seedlegals logo
best Legaltech startups London

Crowd Justice

Crowd Justice – Whether you want to take legal action for yourself, a family member, your community or the whole country, CrowdJustice helps you raise funds for legal services.

Access to Crowd Justice’s fundraising tools and support from their dedicated team make it easy to fund your legal matter.

Legal startups london crowd justice

In cloud Counsel (US)

In Cloud Counsel is the largest global provider focused on automating and enhancing high-volume legal processes. Use the below form to request more information about our leading solution.

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Their model also enables top-tier corporate attorneys to design a life and legal practice unencumbered by traditional employment, geographic restrictions, and administrative burdens and look forward to supporting attorneys who are running nonprofits, writing children’s books, building small businesses, teaching college classes, and serving their community in local government.

Legal startups london in cloud counsel logo

Legal startups london legal startup legaltech startups london legal technology startups uk

Legal Startups London (5)


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Legal startups london legal startup legaltech startups london legal technology startups uk

Legal startups London

What does the term and expression legaltech mean?

Legal technology‘ essentially means the use of technology and software to provide and aid legal services. … However, legal tech also allows smaller firms and sole practitioners to compete with the leading names in the field, giving them access to powerful research tools. Source – The Legal Portal

Why is London considered the “Legal Capital of the World”?

In brief, London has earned the title of lawyer to the world due to five reasons, a stable legal system, beign a world financial capital, a favourable corporate tax regime, easy access to mainland Europe and lastly, and not least, the english language itself.

Is LegalTech a threat to the legal profession?

Actually, yes, Much of law, and thus client billings, is procedural and admin based. LegalTech reduces friction and will eradicate a large proportion of this, which is a good thing

Can you give an example of how LegalTech benefits me?

The most common example is the availability of legal templates. 10 years ago you would have had to call in favour of a friendly lawyer who would send a boilerplate agreement for you to use. Now these are mostly available free online for most simple agreements. That’s legal tech in action.

What do you think?

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