How to write a resignation letter as a data scientist

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How to write a resignation letter as a data scientist

Hadoop! Statistically significant news!

Your hot data scientist recruiter has found you a Big Data Jobs role at a hot new blockchain startup

Objects are on the up and you R ready (Ed’s note; very good!) for a hot new data set in your career

But first things first, you still need to formally tell your soon to be ex-colleagues what you think of them (Editor’s note: please don’t actually do any of this…).

You need to write a leaving notice telling your current technically illiterate boss that you’re off-skis. And you’re a Data Scientist so do it like one!

So don’t fret us here at Rainmakrr have put together a template for Data Scientists to use when you resign

resignation letter uk template for data scientist recruiter 2
I wish I had a template!

Some funny notice letter examples

It should include the following:

  • a statement of intent that you will be leaving
  • the name of your official position
  • the date of your last day
  • gratitude to your employer for hiring you (always!)
  • a highlight of your time spent there (nice)
  • an offer to train your replacement (ahhh….)
  • well wishes for the future of the company
  • your contact info (optional maybe not even needed in the age of linkedin…)

A template UK for data scientists

If you’re not confident to write a resignation letter, adapt this sample for inspiration:


Ms. X X

Black Swan, Inc
Head of Massive Data
Infinite Loop,

Dear Hermes,

Earlier this week I completed a decision tree and concluded that probabilistically my best interests lie outside this company.

As an outcome of this event I presented my data set model to my friends at the Dog and Duck last night and after significant cross validation the deep learning was I should do one.

As this is a resignation letter the causal inference indicates that is is statistically probable that my last day of employment here will be Wednesday.

I have had a significant Autonomous sensory meridian responses when working with you and all the team over the last 573.99422 days.

I have taken the unstructured data relating to my ongoing responsibilities and visualised then as a data model in R. If , please push to my git.

Yours with logistic regression.



resignation letter uk template for data scientist recruiter
They are thinking…look that really cool data scientist guy actually went and resigned. What a ledg. Or he’s totally screwed. One of the two…

Get ready to resign

That’s it you’ve completed the task.

We hoped you enjoyed our how to write a resignation letter UK guide and letter resignation template for Data Scientists!

PLEASE PLEASE Do not ever use it…

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