How to Get AWS DevOps Certification

How to Get AWS DevOps Certification 1

How to Get AWS DevOps Certification

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If you’re interested in becoming a certified AWS developer, the best way to prepare for the exam is to start by reading up on AWS DevOps certification whitepapers. These documents contain vast amounts of knowledge and provide valuable information about the exam and how to prepare for it. There are also several general courses that you can find on Pluralsight. For the best value, choose one that focuses on the previous exam’s version.

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The AWS Devops certification test covers several core services, including Amazon CloudWatch Events, Application Logs subscription, and Lambda. Other topics include Elastic Beanstalk, CLI, container commands, and ASG. Exam questions will focus on these services, as well as on-prem deployment strategies. Depending on the exam, there might also be questions on Auto-scaling and CodePipeline.

The exam for this certification is based on a pass/fail format and tests your skills in various cloud-native topics. The test measures your understanding of AWS services and your ability to respond to enterprise scenarios. AWS has created a detailed exam guide to help you prepare for the exam. It is not an easy task, but with proper study, you can pass the exam with flying colors.


There are a number of prerequisites for obtaining AWS Devops certification. AWS administrators must have two or more years of experience and have advanced knowledge in at least one programming language. Several questions on the certification test will also focus on continuous delivery, integration, and automation. Candidates should have some experience developing software or applications that use AWS services. However, many employers prefer candidates who have worked in a similar position for at least a year.

In order to pass the DOP-C01 exam, you must have at least two years of experience using AWS resources. The associate-level exams are meant to build on knowledge, so candidates should have some experience with the AWS console and services. The certification will also test your knowledge of DevOps in general. You can find the full list of prerequisites on the AWS certification website. By following these steps, you can pass the exam with flying colors.


Getting an AWS DevOps certification is like getting your driver’s license. Just because you pass the exam doesn’t mean you can drive a Lamborghini or a 16-wheeler. Even the most highly regarded companies are now weeding out candidates with fake experience and ask about their previous projects. Those with previous experience in similar projects will be more likely to know how to address deployment issues.

The cost of AWS DevOps certification courses varies depending on where you live. Associate level examinations are suitable for System Administrators with two to three years of experience. Advanced level exams are designed for individuals with advanced technical skills. They are aimed at those who want to advance to a Solution Architect or DevOps Engineer role. The Associate level exam costs about USD 290. However, if you plan to spend 5 days, the cost will be much higher.

Course duration

The AWS DevOps certification course duration varies depending on the specialization. If you wish to learn about DevOps tools and practices, you should enroll in the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (DE) course. The course covers the topics of SDLC automation, infrastructure as code, and test, as well as deployment and operations. The course covers the development and maintenance of various services, including databases, microservices, and cloud infrastructure.

The course offers two learning tracks, the first of which covers the fundamentals of AWS and the second covering the specialized area of AWS DevOps. The course also includes hands-on learning with an actual project that demonstrates how to deploy a high-availability PHP application and an external Amazon RDS database. The course also covers the tools and concepts behind the CI/CD pipeline. The final project focuses on building the complete lifecycle of DevOps over AWS.

Course content

If you are interested in learning more about the AWS Devops platform, you’ll want to get certified with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification. The course covers everything you need to know about the AWS environment, from basic security to the many different services offered by the cloud computing platform. Students will learn about the various services offered by AWS, including storage, databases, and other tools. They’ll learn about the key services offered by the AWS platform, including infrastructure security, access management, monitoring, and logging. They’ll also learn about the different types of protection mechanisms that AWS provides, including encryption and secure Internet protocols.

This course is organized into six domains: SDLC automation, configuration management, infrastructure as code, monitoring and logging, policies and standards automation, incident and event response, and fault tolerance. The AWS course assumes that students have knowledge of DevOps and cloud computing, and focuses on those topics first. There’s a sample test at the end of the course, and the course includes an extensive explanation of the exam objectives.