How the B2B Digital Marketing agency London cluster took over Charlotte st

B2B Digital Marketing Agency London Crowded out
B2B Digital Marketing Agency London Crowded out

How the B2B digital marketing agency London cluster took over Charlotte St

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It’s 2021 and you’ll be hard pressed to find a traditional Ad firm in London anymore. It’s not that they are not there, it’s just they’ve been swamped first by technical marketers in the form of the SEO agency, out coded by the dev houses, out analysed by the ABM agencies and finally crowded out of owning their clients brand narrative by the Content Marketing teams.

Think back 20 years and this space was totally dominated by the Charlotte St based Ad agencies. Now the cluster is making all the home runs

How did this all happen…

Technology everywhere

Technology has been a huge factor in the rise of the boutique in both levelling the analytical playing field and bring super advanced software into the price bracket for even the smallest of agencies. This means the big Ad agencies no longer have a perceived qualitative or even quantitative advantage and find it very hard to hard that they have whilst still flying the big ABL TV creative banner.

Persona profiling

Back in the day the big agencies would have a whole team of researchers to show to their clients that they both knew who their customers where, what they liked and how to find them. Now that world has been throughly taken over by intent based marketing as lead by ABM specialists who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and also go and find them and convert them.  This means the technological leadership is now equally in the b2b marketing agency London cluster’s camp as much as Charlotte St.

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Rise of Social Media

Now for any campaign you have to have a supporting social media campaign and increasingly you are led by your social media and influencer marketing. Now the Social Media boutique will argue they have a more up to date and real time understanding of the brands audience because they engage with them every day. The big Ad firm can try to stick with their rather static customer segmentations definitions but we’re talking real time now baby

Content is King

Even the content marketing specialists are finally upping it’s collective game against the rise of the B2B digital marketing agency london cluster and realised they are not just there to reformat the images and copy from the big agencies latest christmas TV show piece onto the clients clunky word press CMS but they too in many ways are best their to own and influence the brand narrative. If done well a content marketing agency should be  jointly leading the brand strategy and customer engagement plan and no longer be an after thought.

All this means that the b2b agency London cluster has taken over from the Ad world Charlotte St cluster now, of course, diffused to Shoreditch in search of the magic unicorn dust.

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