Hot new emerging Govtech Startups London – Praekelt

Hot new emerging Govtech Startups London – Praekelt

UPDATE: You can now check out our full list of govtech startups london and other hot fintech startups and london startups in 2020 by clicking the links

Here’s our new section covering the latest and hottest new scale ups emerging in the government technology space designs and implements mobile technology to improve the lives of women and girls. 

praekelt - london govtech startups london uk leverages mobile technology to solve some of the world’s largest social problems.

We deliver essential information and vital services to improve the health and wellbeing of more than 100 million people in over 65 countries. Partnering with governments, NGOs and social enterprises, we provide our users with information, inspiration, and access. 

praekelt - govtech startups london uk

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