Hot Govtech startups. – Novoville

Hot Govtech startups. – Novoville

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Novoville is a comprehensive civic engagement platform for local governments. Reach citizens instantly, manage their requests, and make better decisions and aims to “make local government services citizen-centric”

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Novoville aims to do this by making it easier for members of the public to interact with their local government or authority by allowing citizens (us!) to submit requests and find info including web consultations and via IM (instant messaging) as well as a simple web based payments system for services such as paying parking fines and council tax bills.

Novoville team - Top Govtech Startups London UK 2020

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Hot GovTech Startups London - Futr

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Futr - Top Govtech Startups London UK 2020

Hot GovTech Startups London – Futr

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