Hot Emerging Govtech Startups London – Spend Network

Hot Emerging Govtech Startups London – Spend Network

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Spend Network use data to help governments and their suppliers to create better deals and to forge lasting partnerships.

Spend Network - govtech startups london uk

Who uses Spend Network?

Export agencies like the Department of International Trade work with our API to encourage overseas exports.

Governments use our API to understand their public markets and to aggregate data into a common form.

Analysts use our data to understand public markets and to identify investment opportunities for their markets.

Start ups use our API to build new services into their products or to start their own tender opportunity services.


Our API provides a simple, daily feed of data that provides our customers with a reliable and consistent supply of tender and contract opportunities.

Get data access to over 150 million procurement documents

Our data includes tenders, contracts and spending from over 150 countries.

Open data

  • All the data on the world’s largest open database of tenders

  • Available as either share-alike attribution open data or commercially

  • All data includes sources, allowing checking of data

High quality data

  • All records compliant with the Open Contracting data standard

  • Fully provenanced, providing context and source

  • Many eyes’ on our data adds quality control for free

  • Data is accessed daily and refreshed weekly

Unique data

  • Publicly sourced data from over 700 sources

  • Detailed and granular model

  • Many unique datasets and sources

  • Enrich your existing data, or build new services

Spend nework - govtech startups london uk

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