Growth Hacks II: Is chatting to a real person the most radical UX hack of all?

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Growth Hacks II: Is chatting to a real person the most radical UX hack of all?

Yes you read that right.

Like many websites we’ve been looking into our funnels and contact points and experimented with building a chatbot way back in the day, then went back to a message client, then forms again, then a combo.

We’ve all been there….

And it’s definitely a talking point with the rapid improvement and price levelling of chatbots to help improve comms with your users and customers

But it’s certainly not conclusive which approach is best as many in B2B sales firms saying that, when it’s a conversion page rather than support, you can’t beat a well designed contact us form or download subscription funnel.

We’d recently been experimenting heavily in improving our website speed and stripped out our forms and clients to see if this improved the site speed and positive signals to google to rank us higher and so it was the perfect time to reassess the various new Contact forms out there and chat clients.

And we looked and tried out most of the old trusty classics and new players and was about to make a decision.

And then we came across a third way and quite frankly we couldn’t believe it…

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The service we are talking is called Melu.

Nope, we’d never heard of them either but Melu are a UK based company that is providing live chat on a very affordable monthly subscription plan currently £99 + vat

Yes that’s right, from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday service whereby a real person chats with anyone who visits your site outside of these hours the live chat widget is in message mode and acts like a form, but isn’t manned by our human operators. We’re about to start operating at weekends, so this will also change soon.

How cool is that!

But wait, it gets cooler…

Melu offer you a free 30 day trial!


So we tried it out and it works really well! Y

ou set up the site, add it easily to your site via snippet and give them a bit of a briefing and the chat operators all chat brilliantly with your users with Melu logging all the chat transcripts and sending you an email alert when you have a new lead.

It’s an amazing service.

Maybe with all this Machine learning, AI, automation noise and UX improvements maybe, just maybe, your potential users would just like to chat with a real person.

It’s radical isn’t it?

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So radical it’s almost been overlooked…

Is Melu perfect?

Well, of course, like all live pick ups it takes a few seconds for the chat operator to respond.

And we do think this is an improvement opportunity for a hybrid service with set triggered responses based on page subject matter which would also give the chat operator time to put down their cocoa and respond.

But apart from that, Melu is a great service.

Are we going to stick with Melu?

We might not ONLY because we are a super small niche tech site and we just don’t generate sufficient valuable traffic to justify the ticket price, which is otherwise extremely good value.

We might combine Melu with forms and then come back to it when our traffics up.

So don’t take our own choice when you go onto rainmakrr as evidence we’ve abandoned it.

We actually wish this company all the best in the future and hope the product evolves on the technical and feature side and would have loved to have had more time to review and confirm the ethical side of the off-shored live chat component.

So, in summary, if you are a B2B business looking to engage LIVE with your potential customers visiting your website at any time of the day, MELU is an amazing service.

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We strongly recommend you try Melu out to see if live real world person to person converts better in your category than forms or chat bots.

Let us know, we’d be interested to hear your experience!

What do you think?

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