Govtech Startups London – Babylon

Babylon Top GovTech Startups London

Govtech Startups London – Babylon

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Babylon’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

Babylon Top GovTech Startups London

Babylon is one of the largest HeathTech and GovTech startups in the UK with a Billion+ valuation. As a mobile health platform it is used to power the NHS’ GP at Hand service which allows patients to book appointments and talk to their doctor through their smartphone in certain regional NHS trusts like Hammersmith & Chelsea

Babylon logo Top GovTech Startups London UK
  • Our AI has been designed around a doctor’s brain to provide accessible healthcare for millions in the palm of their hands. Discover more about how our technology shapes what we do.Learn more
  • Our partnersFrom employers and insurers to healthcare providers and National Health Systems, we work with a broad spectrum of partners to deliver accessible healthcare for all.
Babylon logo Top GovTech Startups London

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