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Govtech Jobs London – GOVTECH STARTUPS UK

What does the term and expression GovTech mean?

What does Govtech mean Govtech Startups London Govtech Jobs London

GovTech refers to the category of innovative startups and who are applying emerging technologies (such as A.I, blockchain, etc) to improve the delivery of public services through increasing efficiency and improved productivity

Is GovTech controlled by the UK government or other national authority?

Is Govtech controlled by the government Govtech Startups London Govtech Jobs London

No, it’s a free market like any. However, the UK Government for example, has a Catalyst fund to stimulate growth and support small startups develop ideas and many GovTech Startups do require a government, local authority or public service to purchase their tech to survive.

Can I apply apply for funding or can only GovTech companies receive investment grants?

Can I apply for a govtech funding grant Govtech Startups London

Yes you can apply to the Government fund if in place. In the UK, for example, it’s called the GovTech Fund and it is a £20 million fund used to develop, test and access innovative solutions to solve complex public sector problems.

Are there any other government funds that I could apply to?

Are there any other government funds Govtech Startups London Govtech Jobs London

You can also try the GovTech Catalyst fund aimed at small startups organised into annual cohorts or programs.

Govtech Jobs London – GOVTECH STARTUPS UK

With government authorities increasingly trying to copy Silicon Valley and Govtech or “Democracy Tech” being the next hot area, here are the hottest roles in government and civic oriented sector from large government bodies, local authorities and scale-ups bring innovation to the category.

Govtech jobs London govtech jobs UK

MARCH 2020

Government Digital Service – Data Scientist

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is part of the Cabinet Office. Our job is digital transformation of government. We’re a centre of excellence in digital, technology and data, collaborating with departments to help them with their own transformation.

We are looking for Data Scientists who are interested in using data to draw insights that will result in policy changes or business process optimisation, benefiting the public.

The applicant will be scoping projects with stakeholders, using data sets across Government Agencies, applying business acumen to tease out relevant impactful insights, and presenting insights in a clear, concise manner by using appropriate visualisations.

GDC - Govtech Jobs London Govtech Jobs UK
Govtech Jobs London

Governmnent Digital Service – Engineer

The Government Digital Services team is seeking an accomplished DevOps Engineer. We are a team in GovTech that aims to design and develop software applications that help government agencies to better serve the needs of Singaporeans. We adopt an Agile development approach and work towards adopting tech best practices and cutting edge tools.
As a DevOps Engineer, you will provide a rock solid infrastructure for software development teams to code with ease and speed. You will focus on putting in place, and the constant improvement of, the tools and processes for continuous integration and delivery, as well as promoting best practices in their use.
You will typically work in small, nimble teams that collaborate on common problems across projects and across focus areas. As a result, you will have exposure to a broader set of problems, which allows for fast career growth and proximity to abundant technical problems.

Govtech Jobs London – What To Expect:

  • Instituting and promoting continuous integration/delivery practices within the development team
  • Working with hosting and/or cloud providers to set up application environments and enable smooth and efficient application deployments
  • Developing scripts and making use of continuous integration tools to automate build, software release, and application deployment
  • Provisioning and managing servers, virtual machines, application containers, software licenses and other related resources for the development team
  • Conduct system level security scans, harden system and application platform

How To Succeed:

  • Passion for automation, standardisation and best practices
  • Experience with Java web applications
  • Experience with relevant CI tools/technologies, such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Gitlab
  • Experience with system administration and scripting on Unix/Linux environments
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be an added advantage
  • Experience with infrastructure provision tools (Docker, Ansible etc.) will be an added advantage
  • Comfortable with Agile methodologies and working closely with Agile development teams
  • Degree or diploma in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or related disciplines
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in similar role
  • Relevant industry certifications (e.g. Red Hat Certified Engineer) will be an added advantage

Babylon – Senior Data Scientist

We are a team on a mission, to put accessible and affordable healthcare in the hands of every person on earth. Our mission is bold and ambitious, and it’s one that’s shared by our team who shares our values, to dream big, build fast and be brilliant.

To achieve this, we’ve brought together one of the largest teams of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians and engineers to focus on combining the ever-growing computing power of machines, with the best medical expertise of humans, to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalized health service and make it universally available.


• Independently design data science solutions, implement and deploy them (see current projects listed below for a sense of what we do)

• Proactively identify areas where we can improve aspects of our products or business operations

• Identify the optimal solutions, considering effectiveness against the costs to build, deploy and maintain

• Communicating to technical and non-technical stakeholders how the approach will address the problems

• Build, deploy and maintain Python based analytical or ML models into the Google Cloud Platform (R is fine for personal work that won’t be maintained by others) • Engage with stakeholders to ensure that the results are received, understood and acted upon

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• Collaborate effectively with the Data Science team and other teams in the business

• Introduce improve processes for effective collaboration on data science projects

Babylon Top GovTech Startups London
Babylon logo Top GovTech Startups London

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