Games Recruitment Agencies 2021 Guide #1 BEST GAMES RECRUITERS

Games recruitment agencies UK

games recruitment agencies 1

Games Recruitment Agencies 2021 Guide #1 BEST GAMES RECRUITERS

Games recruitment agencies

The console, streaming and mobile interactive space is booming right now and valued at £5.7 billion and it truly is a field where only specialist search firms survive and prosper as many games professionals are either quite adept at how to hire talent or know how to pick the right recruiter.

Games recruitment agencies

Many IT firms try to get involved seeing the money involved and often having a personal interest but it’s the specialists who do well as often games professionals are there for their entire careers never having worked in any other category and the industry itself doesn’t have much crossover even with similar categories like gaming and esports.

Even Graphic Designers from animation and film don’t switch and VV despite it being a very similar skill set.

So this all that being said, welcome to our list of the best interactive entertainment recruiters.

But before we go to our guide, if you are a games studio or gaming company looking to hire talent you can get in contact with Rainmakrr here

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Datascope are a multi-award winning specialist. Animators, Artists, Programmers, Producers, Audio Designers, Mobile Developers, and Marketing.

Games recruitment agencies data scope
Games recruitment agencies - Datascope

[email protected] / 020 7580 6018


Games recruitment agencies london games recruitment agency london games recruiter london games recruiters london amiqus

Amiqus cover Gaming Jobs including Art, Animation, Design, Production, Programming & Commercial.

Games recruitment agencies - Amiqus

[email protected] 0131 513 9757

Aardwark Swift

Aardwark Swift are an award-winning specialists across console, mobile, toys and licensing sectors.

Games recruitment agencies aardwark swift
Games recruitment agencies - Aardvark Swift

(+44) 01709 834777 / [email protected]


OPM Response Ltd provides a unique service acting as an intermediary between the employers and job seekers in the computer games and associated industries worldwide. As an established brand OPM consistently listen to their client needs and candidate stories to match expectations.

OPM pride ourselves on their work ethic and positive culture and they are always learning. OPM constantly evolve their process and code of conduct, ensuring they remain one of the best in the business.

Games recruitment agencies opm
OPM - Games recruitment agencies London

01206 214421 / [email protected]


games recruitment agencies InGame

InGame are a focused staffing solution provider for the games industry. Years of recruiting expertise have given them the edge with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of this interactive and ever progressing market.

games recruitment agencies

InGame’s client base includes studios ranging from small and ambitious to internationally recognised AAA studios.

InGame is structured so that you have a consultant with deep video game experience dedicated to your focused job search. Once they have got to know you, your expectations, motivations InGame will provide you with the resources and options to realise your potential.

games recruitment agencies in game gif
InGame - Games recruitment agencies London
In Game – one of the best games recruitment agencies London

0203 371 9181/  [email protected]


Gaming Recruitment Agencies Gravity gif

Gone are the days when an agency’s main weapon was its candidate database.

With global online networking, crowd-sourcing, social recruiting and niche job boards, so as a result the reecruiter landscape has changed for good. Companies find it easier to hire direct than ever before and candidates have many more routes into employment.

To add value, agents must think outside the box and develop new tools, resources and strategies for reaching the top 5-10% of passive candidates in the market quickly and in innovative ways. So consider Gravity to find your next hire!

games recruitment agencies Gravity
Gravity - Games recruitment agencies London
games recruitment agencies

01302 319 101 / [email protected]

Gaming Recruitment Solutions

Gaming Recruitment Agencies 3

The combination of over a decade of gaming specific recruitment expertise (Steven Jackson) and over 20 years of experience working in the sector (Paul Sculpher) helps GRS to understand your brief and requirements. 

GRS believe that their time spent in the industry helps therm not only to know where to look for the right candidate, but also to determine the correct cultural fit.

Gaming Recruitment Solutions - Games Recruitment Agencies London
games recruitment agencies gaming recruitment

+44 7779 129057

Games Gurus

games recruitment agencies games gurus

Games Gurus Recruitment are boutique recruiter specialists to the games industry and cover permanent and contract recruitment across the globe and that’ swhy they are in our games recruitment agencies guide.

Games Gurus - Games Recruitment Agencies London
games recruitment agencies games gurus gif

[email protected]


eleven eleven banner

ElevenEleven  recruitment is a global, entrepreneurial and creative talent attraction agency dedicated to the games industry, delivering the very best talent to the worlds leading video and mobile game studios.

11 love to play games and understand what it takes to make games successful and understand that at every level of an organisation, it is the quality of the people that drives success, and they are dedicated to ensure that our clients hire only the best.

Eleven Eleven are a team of specialist recruiters with unparalleled sector knowledge and a proven track record in meeting and exceeding even the most challenging client briefs.

11 immerse ourselves in our clients businesses and our candidates careers to fully understand their priorities and goals and work hard to be are more than just a recruitment agency by aligning talent with opportunity.

eleveneleven games recruitment agencies

+44 (0)203 151 1939

Big Planet

big planet banner

Big Planet provide bespoke candidate search and selection services throughout  Europe, North America and Asia-Pac and work with clients from the  largest publishers & developers who create some of the biggest console  games in the business, to small independent companies developing their second Android title. 

Big Planet specialises in:

  • Games Developers – console, mobile, tablet, PC and browser platforms
  • Animation experts – film, TV, advertising 
  • App Developers – mobile & tablet platforms 
  • Social Media & Data Tech roles – creative and social media agencies 
  • Virtual Reality Developers – Oculus experts, Unity developers, cardboard VR
  • Director and Executive level placements

Employment roles covered include:

  • C++ Games Programmers, Games Designers, Games Producers, Unity Developers, User Interface Developers, Level  Designers, UI Artists, FX Artists, Concept, Animators, Technical Artists, Character & Environment Artists
  • PHP & .Net Developers, Python Developers, Technical Animators, Motion Graphic  Specialists, Graphic Designers, Art & Creative Directors, Technical  Directors
  • Data Scientists, Analysts, Marketing Professionals, Product Managers & Social Media Strategists 
gmes recruitment agencies big planet menu
games recruitment agencies


Adventure are a recruitment firm serving the mobile games industry, virtual reality, console and PC games markets. Since 2006 we have been sourcing top talent for our clients and bringing the best career opportunities to games professionals across the globe.

Game On

Game On have offices in San Francisco, Austin, Seattle and Southern California, GAME ON! has placed hundreds of candidates with game developers and publishers world-wide. We’re proud of the reputation that we’ve built as the leading search firm within interactive entertainment and we work tirelessly to keep it that way.

Executive Search Games – Does uk games recruitment need a new approach

In the old days you published your little baby in a fire and forget manner and that’s the era most CEO’s of major publishers were born into and career’s developed within but now we are in the new era of rapid technological advancement, big data, mobile everywhere and blockchainification  and the modern studio CEO has been split in two.

What does this mean for games recruiters?

In this style the category style has always been a restricted beast. Many a big firm has eyed up the phenomenal revenues generated and entered the category only to beat a hasty and silent retreat when they realise how niche, interconnected and inward looking the category is in terms of recruitment at senior level.

One one side the traditional CEO runs a steady ship and there main challenge is transforming of their company, studios, brand IP and culture to the new world order while the new studio CEO is significantly younger and was born into the current culture but yet battles with the innate competition of the category and developing the inter-personality management skills the previous generation may have been more naturally equipped with whilst scaling.

Does this mean that executive search games firms in London and elsewhere can’t exist? It will be hard even with the new and massively connected categories of mobile, virtual reality, augmented reality and esports as outwardly there are common themes but in practise each is there only niche with very little cross over with the possible exception of VR/AR and games.

Games Executive Search Games Solid Snake Games Recruitment

Lets look at some of the way executive search and games recruiters in general could improve the candidate pooland the recruitment process.

1. Gamification for recruiters

Using a gamification process to attract talent into the games industry and enhance the hiring process using the very same interfaces and experiences that the games developer candidates will be working with would be a great addition to the games recruitment process of any studio. It also would be highly appealing for the games recruitment agency that they share the same values as their client which could form an key part of their client acquisition success rate.

2. Games recruiters should engage with esports industry talent

It’s not what esports can learn from games, it’s the other way round. games should engage with esports recruitment providers for the very reason that these industries have significant layers of talent with deep salient experience and understanding of how to engage with player communities prior to launch, how to manage live league tables and stimulate player engagement and how to deliver on the spectacle of the actual competition or game launch. These skills are highly transferable as certain strands of the industry and in particular Downloadable Content categories like steam and mobile gaming do not have them baked into the launch process and as a result they can be over looked during the all important launch process in favour of in-life acquisition, monetization and iteration which the format naturally favours.

3. Combine recruitment with coaching

Possibly one solution for executive search and connected industries is a form of a executive search games service combined with industry and technical coaching deeply through the on-boarding period and crucial first six month period.

This would mean executive search firms proving recruitment services to the category could source qualified candidates from much wider, lower and in parallel industries and bring them in with a soft and supportive landing due to intense and highly experienced coaching to support them adjust, understand and excel during their early period.

What's the difference between a gaming and games recruiter?

Games Recruitment Agencies London Games recruiters Gaming Recruiter

Games refers to “soft” gaming i.e. video and mobile games i.e. PlayStation and Apple games while gaming refers to gambling. These two categories are very similar but completely different industries.

Why hire a specialist games recruiter rather than an IT recruitment agency?

Games Recruitment Agencies

The games industry tends to be introverted and almost siloed off from the rest of tech even though on the development side there is a lot of similar experience.

What are the normal fees and terms for games recruitment agencies?

Games recruitment agencies london games recruiters uk

Games recruiter fees are a little higher than IT due to the specialism and less competition and range from 15% to 25% so the best way to start the process quick is agree a fair rate 20% of first year only with a fair clawback (3-6 month max).

What are the main technical languages if I want to work in the games business?

Rainmakrr Games Executive Search Firms London UK Games Recruitment Agency Games Recruiter IT recruitment agencies London Games recruitment agencies

C++ and Java are popular languages for games studios and C# for Unity which is a popular framework. In addition any any domain knowledge of streaming is an added plus due to the launch of Stadia

Looking to hire for your studio? Check out our list of the best games recruitment agencies in the UK

Is the Games Technical Director Job the hardest hire in the games industry?

The salary is on average £74,969 according to Glassdoor

Being a Video Game Technical Director is recognised as one of if not the hardest hire in the games industry.

In this post we why this is and what if anything you can do about it

Why the Games Technical Director Job is so important

Outside of the founding or senior management team of a games studio or publisher the Games Technical Director Job is arguably the most important hire because so much of their near and long term success is dependent on the person in this role having exceptional level of ability across numerous skill sets.

Smartest Guy in the room

The Games Technical Director has to have a comparable if not greater level of technical understanding of modern software, architecture and methodology than a competent games developer. That alone makes it a small hiring pool but then because this is a developer lead environment they then have to be as clever if not as a sea of extremely clever and experienced team unless they are bring some serious firepower in other areas. And even then, you have to think, if I can’t rely on the Technical Director for guidance and stack decisions then who do I speak to!

Programming Languages

The person who fills the Games Technical Director Job will be expected in a recent part of their career to have extensive experience with a breadth of programming languages and tools. They will get a pass on not being up to date with all modules and frameworks associated but this is a clear competency that a good Games Technical Director will need.READBritish Games Institute “becomes real” with National Videogame Foundation merger

Leadership Skills

You can’t just hire the hottest rock star head of development guru out there.  The Technical Director will need to compellingly articulate and argue for adoption or investment in big ticket commitments for the company or project to underpin the long tail success against other factors which may have more short term gain like marketing, staffing or advertising. This will take exceptional communication and leadership skills that often a rock star developer however good they are has not yet cultivated.

Its a small pool

Internet Technical Directors and Games Technical Directors speak entirely different languages and rarely do they cross over to games. It’s weird, even the most interesting new trends in web development just won’t register on the radar of a games technical director and vice versa. This means you have to hire sideways from other games studios or catch an emerging star ready to make the jump into the management team

Why should they leave

Games development has long cycles and are now mostly real time services and Game Technical Directors are not the jump ship regularly types like their colleagues in the sales team. Also, Games Studios value the position and ensure they receive the full package and a market equal or leading salary.


So there you have it. A highly skilled multi-faceted technical/planning/creative management role in a niche industry with only a few suitable ready made candidates who are largely stimulated, well remunerated and happy in their current role and where you can’t confidently hire from the wider pool means…

The Games Technical Director Job is the hardest job to fill in the Games Industry! 🙂

How games recruitment and executive search gaming increasingly crossover

In this article we cover how gambling, games and virtual reality including augmented are three distinct categories yet increasingly each have technological and cultural crossover.

How games and gambling are increasingly similar

Gaming and gambling has an obvious homonymous relation with games yet the industries have historically had virtual no crossover in terms of agenda, culture and people.  However in recent years this has significantly changed as both industries particularly on mobile have begun to share audiences, similar user experiences and KPIs. Let’s take the hugely successful genre of social gaming which if you look under the bonnet has very similar customer acquisition and conversion techniques as mobile gaming.

How the Gacha game mechanic blurs the lines between social games and gaming

Executive Search Gaming - Gacha crossover example

In fact, social gaming in the west has arguably largely evolved out of the “Gacha” technique from Japan with many Asian and Western games companies openly tried to emulate this technique when they realised how popular this method was with users. When done under the banner of social gaming it’s a games service but stripped bare and presented in a more naked form, Gacha looks a lot like a slots machine and it has been long speculated in Japan that this would eventual lead to betting type re-classification and regulation.

Then there is the significant amount of shared platform and demographic between mobile games and gambling this time with mobile gaming looking to emulate modern hugely successful mobile games services and in game currencies which blur or even obfuscate that it’s real world hard currency the user is spending.

games vr and gaming executive search
virtual reality augmented reality and gambling cross over

Virtual Reality and Games have always had the same backbone

Now if we look at virtual reality and games it’s easy to see the obvious commonalities in customer profile, market, business culture and technology with games platforms such as oculus rift, facebook, HTC, Samsung all leading the way for mass market adoption of virtual reality through games entertainment.

Even the underlined programming languages and frameworks such as Unity and new virtual world SDKs like Improbable being widespread in games and used by virtual reality and augmented reality developers

Esports Executive Search Gaming crossover with Games Recruitment - Jerry Maguire
Gaming crossover with Games Recruitment – Jerry Maguire

What does this mean for gaming executive search?

This coming together of shared audiences, platforms, user experience and monetization inevitably creates shared skill-sets across these previous distinct industries means that executive search gaming and games recruitment increasingly has these three global talent pools to source from.  Previously gaming and/or mobile gambling might have used gaming recruiters to source candidates from more “legitimate” categories such a telecoms and finance industries but now have the rich ecosystem of mobile gaming to select from where they can find amble talent with strong experience in modern funnels such as customer acquisition through mobile advertising and then converting through free introductory experiences into becoming a paid for customer, just like one of the key techniques for mobile gaming.

What does this mean for casino executive search gaming firms and gambling recruiters?

Casino executive search is probably where the potential crossover stops. Although Gaming Executive search and Casino recruiters may have significant crossover in terms of talents pools and transferable skills it does not translate across into the games, esports and virtual reality business cultures.

What does this mean for betting executive search?

The odds are evens on crossover with the games, esports and virtual reality talent pools. Here we have a clearly different business category with different career paths, business culture and product DNA. Although there is obvious cross over with gaming executive search the betting executive search firms rarely dive into the visual entertainment industries talent pools in the form of virtual reality or games and it is very rare to see an executive successfully transfer cross category here

Esports Executive Search London - Gaming Executive Search Gaming London
Good crossover? Esports Executive Search and Executive Search Gaming

How this talent cross fertilisation will strengthen all industries

With games, virtual reality executive search and uk games recruitment services driving this crossover this is arguably an example of a positive contribution progressive recruiters can make to the growth of a category by developing  network in parallel industries and encouraging career crossover which brings in new ideas, techniques and skills into each industry.

So there you have it!

games recruitment agencies

We hope you enjoyed our article on how uk games recruitment trends and gaming executive search will increasingly over the coming years have crossover!

Photo Credit: Bruce mars from Pexels. Sonic V Mario


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