Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK
Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK

Games Recruitment Agencies Guide

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Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

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As a constantly growing category video games is truly an exciting and hugely professionally and personally rewarding industry to work in.

Many people who work in games do so for their passion for games and there’s a real opportunity to make life long friends bonded over your love of games so we’ve put together this guide to the best games recruiters out there or help you find a great job in the industry.

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Gaming Recruitment Agencies

Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK


Top Games Recruitment Agencies UK & Global Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency UK
Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK

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Specialisms: Blockchain, Hybrid, Mobile Games, Startups


Top Games Recruitment Agencies: Unveiling Industry Leaders

The gaming industry is a dynamic and ever-growing sector that offers a plethora of career opportunities for professionals ranging from artists and programmers to marketing and production experts.

Finding the right fit within this competitive field often necessitates the expertise of specialised recruitment agencies who are well-versed in the unique needs of the gaming world.

These agencies not only understand the nuances of gaming roles but also the importance of aligning candidates with the culture and technical requirements of leading game studios.

Games recruitment agencies play a pivotal role in steering careers and shaping the workforce of the gaming industry.

They expedite the recruitment process by managing vast networks of job seekers and employers, optimising candidate placement through a refined understanding of industry trends and individual aspirations.

This is vital not only for job seekers aiming for their dream role but also for gaming studios seeking top talent to stay ahead in a fast-paced market.

Key Takeaways

  • Recruitment agencies specialise in aligning professionals to their ideal roles within the games industry.
  • They streamline the recruitment process, benefiting both job seekers and gaming studios.
  • Agencies keep pace with industry trends to facilitate effective career development and progression.

Defining Games Recruitment Agencies

Games recruitment agencies are specialised firms that bridge the talent gap in the gaming industry by connecting skilled professionals with companies in need of their expertise.

Role and Functions

Games recruitment agencies offer a suite of services designed to serve the needs of both their clients and candidates.

They have a deep understanding of the intricacies of talent acquisition in the gaming sector, which allows them to efficiently match the right individual to the appropriate role. Agencies handle various aspects of recruitment, including:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening and interview process
  • Salary negotiation
  • Placement and follow-up

These agencies employ dedicated games industry recruiters who are not only adept at assessing the skills of potential candidates but are also familiar with the culture and specific needs of gaming companies.

Importance in the Games Industry

In an industry as dynamic as gaming, the right staffing decisions are critical. Games recruitment agencies play a pivotal role in ensuring that their clients, which can range from indie developers to heavyweight AAA studios, secure top-tier talent.

Talent acquisition through these agencies helps companies stay competitive by:

  • Filling roles efficiently with qualified candidates
  • Keeping up with industry advancements and technology
  • Streamlining the hiring process to allow companies to focus on core development activities

By engaging these services, gaming entities can navigate the complexities of hiring and retain the creative and technical prowess needed to produce successful games.

Navigating the Games Industry Job Market

The games industry job market is dynamic, with opportunities and hotspots consistently evolving. Understanding the current trends and pinpointing geographical locations with vibrant employment prospects are crucial aspects for both job seekers and recruiters.

Current Trends and Opportunities

Market Analysis: The games industry is experiencing a shift with increasing vacancies in various job roles.

This evolution reflects the thriving digital entertainment market, which is looking for fresh talent to support its growth.

According to a report, there’s been a noticeable trend in job openings across service, indie, AAA, mobile, and AA categories, matching the diversification of games and platforms.

Latest Jobs: The demand for new positions, ranging from junior to senior roles, has escalated. Companies are keen to fill vacancies that include specialities such as lead character artists and lead technical artists.

Recruiters are increasingly utilising specialised agencies like OPM to connect with suitable candidates.

Geographical Hotspots

United Kingdom (UK): In the UK, game development hotspots have seen some reduction in roles, albeit smaller cities have noted an increase in the number of available positions.

The UK Games Jobs Summary January 2023 reflects this trend, suggesting that job seekers may benefit from considering opportunities beyond the traditional large hubs.

Europe and Internationally: While the UK remains a significant player, other European cities are also emerging as vibrant centres for game development.

Internationally, the market extends to North America, Asia, and other regions, often with a high demand for experienced professionals ready to contribute to global projects.

The Recruitment Process and Candidate Management

The recruitment process is a critical element in the gaming industry, enabling companies to identify and secure individuals equipped with the necessary skills and passion for the creative development and marketing of games.

Candidate management throughout this journey ensures a fit that benefits both the company and the individual’s career movement.

Talent Sourcing and Screening

Talent sourcing involves the strategic identification of potential candidates from various channels, which may include social media, networking events, or specialised databases.

Agencies adept at this often have a robust network and use advanced analytics to locate individuals with the relevant talent.

Screening typically includes a review of the candidate’s CV to assess their experience, skills, and suitability for the role. It may also involve initial communication to gauge interest and eligibility.

Interviewing and Selection

The interviewing process is where recruiters evaluate the candidate’s competencies and cultural fit through structured questions and practical tasks.

Agencies often look for candidates that not only match the job requirements but also exhibit the potential for growth.

Selection involves comparing candidates, considering feedback, and making informed decisions in collaboration with hiring managers to identify the best career move for the successful applicant.

Onboarding and Follow-Up

Effective onboarding ensures new employees integrate seamlessly into the company’s culture and workflow. It involves clear communication of job expectations, company values, and any necessary training.

Follow-up is essential to gauge satisfaction, address any concerns, and help the candidate adjust to their new position, thus fostering long-term engagement and career development within the company.

Specialising in Games Recruitment

In the specialised realm of games recruitment, certain agencies stand out for their expertise in aligning top-tier talent with cutting-edge roles in art, design, programming, and game development.

These agencies not only grasp the intricacies of the industry but also tailor their approach to meet the need for agility and precision in talent acquisition for AAA studios and game projects.

Understanding the Specialism

Games recruitment agencies that focus exclusively on the gaming industry have a deep understanding of the specialism required for various roles within game development.

Their insight into the nuances of art and design positions, coupled with the technical demands of programming jobs, enables them to accurately match candidates with opportunities that require their specific skill set.

Sourcing Top Talent for AAA Studios

Securing top talent for AAA studios is a hallmark of specialised games recruitment firms. They utilise sophisticated screening processes to ensure that candidates meet the high standards of skill and innovation expected in AAA game development.

Their networks often encompass a broad range of professionals, from creative visionaries in game design to technical experts in game programming.

Contract Recruitment for Game Projects

When it comes to contract recruitment, these agencies excel in swiftly placing highly skilled individuals in game projects requiring immediate support.

Whether it’s a short-term need for a 3D artist or a six-month contract for an engine programmer, they have systems in place to expedite these critical hires, thereby ensuring that game projects remain on schedule and within budget.

Career Development and Progression

Career development in game development hinges on identifying the right opportunities and committing to continuous skill enhancement.

Focused recruitment agencies like Amiqus and InGame Recruitment play a pivotal role in providing the career support and job opportunities that professionals in the gaming industry seek.

Building a Career in Game Development

Game development is a dynamic and competitive field, offering a myriad of opportunities for job seekers. Specialist recruitment agencies understand the specific needs and qualities that make a successful games industry team member.

For those starting out or looking to make a career move, it is crucial to partner with recruiters who not only appreciate one’s unique skill set but also advocate for their potential for growth in the industry.

Agencies like Datascope have a knack for matching candidates with roles that can set the foundation for a robust career path.

Advancement and Skill Enhancement

A career in game development is often marked by continual learning and skill enhancement.

As professionals advance in their careers, the importance of staying updated with the latest technologies and industry practices cannot be overstated.

Recruitment agencies that specialise in the gaming sector provide not just job placements but also insights into how one can elevate their career. Institutions such as Buchanan Search highlight a strong correlation between professional development opportunities and career progression, emphasising the need for ongoing professional development.

By availing of these learning and development opportunities, individuals can enhance their value to a team and climb the career ladder effectively.

Working with a Games Recruitment Agency

When engaging with a games recruitment agency, job seekers gain access to expert support, while employers can streamline their hiring process with specialised services.

These agencies often play the role of games gurus in recruitment, offering a tailor-made job board alongside personalised assistance.

For Job Seekers

A games recruitment agency can significantly help individuals looking to advance their careers within the video games industry. Candidates can expect a range of services tailored to their job search, from CV advice to interview preparation.

These agencies often have a robust network of gaming companies seeking fresh talent, which isn’t typically available on public job boards.

By leveraging the agency’s connections, job seekers might find themselves presented with opportunities at prestigious AAA studios or exciting indie developers across not only the UK but internationally, including markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America, as highlighted by InGame Recruitment.

For Employers

Gaming companies and employers benefit from the specialised services of a games recruitment agency by gaining access to a pre-vetted pool of candidates.

Agencies like Amiqus offer over two decades of experience in the gaming sector, ensuring that hiring is handled by experts.

These partners streamline the recruitment process, saving employers’ time and resources by managing job postings, applicant screening, and initial interviews.

Moreover, they bring a deep understanding of the gaming industry‘s unique requirements, helping to match the right talent with the right roles, whether for Art, Animation, Design, Production, Programming, or Marketing needs.

Emerging Trends in Gaming Recruitment

As the gaming industry evolves, recruitment strategies reflect new technological and workplace advancements.

Companies are adapting to the increased demand for technologically skilled candidates and the desire for more flexible working conditions.

Interactive and Immersive Technology

In the gaming recruitment landscape, the emphasis on interactive and immersive technology skills is paramount.

Leading organisations like Activision Blizzard are on the lookout for talent that has not only game development expertise but also a deep understanding of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

The integration of these technologies into gaming experiences has become a significant focus, pushing recruiters to seek individuals who can navigate the complexity of creating engaging, immersive environments.

Remote and Flexible Working Arrangements

Remote and flexible working arrangements are no longer perks but expectations in the gaming industry.

These arrangements have become a staple, with companies recognising that such flexibility can lead to a broader talent pool.

Consequently, offering competitive salaries and remote working options is crucial for recruitment agencies.

The shift towards remote work has also prompted a re-evaluation of salary scales, as geographic location becomes less of a determinant for pay in the sector.

The Trusted Names in Games Recruitment

In the vibrant field of game development, studios frequently turn to specialist recruitment agencies to secure top talent. Several firms have earned reputations for their expertise and reliable services in this niche industry.

TBE – Game Industry Recruitment Specialists has become a vital player for connecting leading game studios with innovative minds.

TBE’s commitment to understanding both client needs and candidate aspirations sets them apart.

Their mantra of real relationships and shared goals resonates within the gaming community. For more information, visit TBE’s website.

Amiqus holds a prestigious position within games recruitment. With over two decades of experience, Amiqus expertly matches candidates with game studios of all sizes.

They pride themselves on a service-oriented approach tailored to every level of hiring. Prospective clients and job seekers can learn more about their award-winning service at Amiqus’ homepage.

The Rainmakrr platform identifies Datascope as one of the preeminent recruitment agencies specialising in gaming.

Their network is rich with professionals in various roles, from Animators to Audio Designers. Details can be found by contacting them directly through Rainmakrr’s listing.

InGame Recruitment stands out for its comprehensive approach and global reach, connecting with companies and candidates in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Their specialisation in video game jobs across numerous disciplines is outlined on their website.

Lastly, OPM Jobs is known for its dedication to the gaming sector since 1998. They are trusted by many as a go-to source for video game career opportunities and recruitment expertise within the UK and Europe.

Their longstanding reputation can be explored further at OPM’s official page.

Strategic Partnerships and Industry Collaboration

Strategic partnerships within the recruitment sector have become pivotal, particularly in the games industry.

Agencies specialising in this niche, such as InGame Recruitment, leverage longstanding relationships across continents to assist companies in their global hiring strategies.

Collaboration is not just an operational tactic but a growth-focused mindset, ensuring that agencies stay attuned to market fluctuations and client demands.

Marketing strategies within these agencies are enhanced by collaborations with other specialists.

For example, Amiqus, prides itself on tailor-made recruitment services that are shaped by over two decades of industry-specific experience.

Here, partnerships are essential to pool expertise, extend their reach, and provide the best possibilities for both clients and candidates.

A key benefit of such alliances manifests in shared domain knowledge and access to wider networks, which Valeco illustrates.

Rather than diluting service quality, strategic partnerships enrich the recruitment process through a combination of experience and targeted marketing, even in niche areas that one agency alone might not cover comprehensively.

Looking at the broader landscape, the emerging trend of forming connections is not restricted to local markets.

Agencies like NAOS Solutions are considering strategic partnerships to be crucial for optimising talent acquisition in a competitive 2024 market, especially in regions like Egypt and the MENA area.

In conclusion, these relationships bring a competitive edge, enhance marketing efforts, and serve as the backbone for many recruiters’ successes within the vibrant games industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries related to securing a position in the gaming industry and choosing the best recruitment agency for such roles.

How can one secure a position within the gaming industry?

Individuals aiming to secure a position within the gaming industry should focus on building a strong portfolio, gaining relevant experience, and continually updating their knowledge about industry trends. Networking and utilising specialised recruitment agencies can also significantly enhance one’s job prospects.

What strategies are effective for finding a leading recruitment agency specialising in gaming?

Researching agencies with a strong industry reputation and a track record of successful placements is crucial. Candidates may look into agencies that are mentioned in authoritative listings, like The Best No.1 Games Recruitment Agencies 2023 – Rainmakrr, or those that have won industry awards for their services, such as Amiqus.

Which software is predominantly used by top recruitment agencies?

Top recruitment agencies often employ advanced customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline the hiring process. These tools enable efficient candidate tracking and workflow management, leading to better matchmaking between employers and job seekers.

Who are the major global players in the recruitment agency sector?

Major global players in the recruitment agency sector include established firms that offer end-to-end staffing services and possess decades of expertise. Companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are also noteworthy for their in-house recruitment drives.

What considerations should be taken into account when choosing a recruitment agency for game design roles?

Candidates should consider the agency’s familiarity with the games industry, their networking reach, and their understanding of the specific skills required for game design roles. Agencies such as OPM Jobs might be favoured for their deep understanding of the industry.

What are the distinctive qualities of recruitment agencies focusing on the online gaming sector?

Agencies specialising in the online gaming sector often exhibit a deep comprehension of the dynamic nature of online games and their communities. Their recruitment strategies are tailored to attract talent that can thrive in a fast-paced and technology-driven environment.


Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK

OK, let’s be honest if we hadn’t written this guide Amiqus would be number 1.

As a truly established specialist they have an excellent industry reputation and network and come highly endorsed to us by industry veteran Guy Pearce so props to that!

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile



Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Datascope are in our top gaming recruitment agencies guide as they are a multi-award winning specialist and have a great network of Animators, Artists, Programmers, Producers, Audio Designers, Mobile Developers, and Marketing.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile

Contact: / 020 7580 6018

Aardwark Swift

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Aardwark Swift are in our gaming recruiters guide as they are an award-winning specialists across console, mobile, toys and licensing sectors.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile



Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK

OPM Response are in our best games recruitment agency guide as they provide a unique service acting as an intermediary between the employers and job seekers who want to work on the best computer franchises and associated industries worldwide and, as an established brand, OPM consistently listen to their client needs and candidate stories to match expectations.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile

Contact: 01206 214421 /


Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK

InGame are in our best gaming recruitment agency guide as they are a focused staffing solution provider for the industry with years of recruiting expertise which have given them the edge with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of this interactive and ever progressing market.

InGame’s client base includes studios ranging from small and ambitious to internationally recognised AAA studios and are structured so that you have a consultant with deep video game experience dedicated to your focused job search. Then, once they have got to know you, your expectations, motivations InGame will provide you with the resources and options to realise your potential.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile

Contact: 0203 371 9181/


Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

To add value, agents must think outside the box and develop new tools, resources and strategies for reaching the top 5-10% of passive candidates in the market quickly and in innovative ways. So consider Gravity to find your next hire!

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile

Contact: 01302 319 101 /

Gaming Recruitment Solutions

GRS believe that their time spent in the industry helps therm not only to know where to look for the right candidate, but also to determine the correct cultural fit and that’s why they in our gaming recruiters guide

The combination of over a decade of gaming specific recruitment expertise (Steven Jackson) and over 20 years of experience working in the sector (Paul Sculpher) helps GRS to understand your brief and requirements. 

Specialisms: Gaming


Games Gurus

Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK

Games Gurus Recruitment are in our gaming recruitment agencies uk guide as they are a boutique recruiter specialists to the games industry and cover permanent and contract recruitment across the globe and that’s why they are in our games recruitment agencies UK and global guide.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile & Video Games



Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency
Games Recruitment Agencies Guide Games Recruitment Agency UK Games Recruiters Gaming Recruitmennt Agencies Gaming Recruiters Gaming Recruitment Agency

ElevenEleven  are in our gaming recruiters guide as they are a global, entrepreneurial and creative talent attraction agency dedicated to the games industry, delivering the very best talent to the worlds leading video and mobile game studios.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile


Big Planet

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency
Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Big Planet are in our best gaming recruitment agency guide as they provide bespoke candidate search and selection services throughout  Europe, North America and Asia-Pac and work with clients from the  largest publishers & developers who create some of the biggest console  games in the business, to small independent companies developing their second Android title. 

Specialisms: Entertainment Industry



Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency
Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Adventure are a recruitment firm serving the mobile games industry, virtual reality, console and PC games markets and since 2006 and have been sourcing top talent for their clients and bringing the best career opportunities to games professionals across the globe.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile, VR

Contact: Not public

Game On

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Game On is in our gaming recruitment agencies guide as they have offices in San Francisco, Austin, Seattle and Southern California, GAME ON! has placed hundreds of candidates with game developers and publishers world-wide and are proud of the reputation that they’ve built as the leading search firm within interactive entertainment and they work tirelessly to keep it that way.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile



Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency
Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency Esports recruitment agencies Esports recruitment agency

Haptic are in our Games recruitment agency guide as they started their journey in late 2018 as a team of 2 with the belief that in an ever-changing world, connections, opportunities and growth should be made easy. 3 years later, they’re a team of 7 shaking up video game recruitment as you know it.

Haptic believe that people-first recruitment is fundamental to successful, happy clients and aim to inspire the industry by showing that strength lies not just in your idea but the team you build to bring it to life.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile


Games headhunters

8Bit Play

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency
Hottest UK Games Studios #1 BEST UK Games Development Companies

8Bit Play is a boutique games headhunter that specializes in recruiting for game development and will help you hire the best candidates for your game studio. 8Bit Recruitment agencies’ hiring strategies focus on specialist headhunting.

Specialisms: Console, PC, Mobile, Executive


Games Recruitment Agencies USA & Canada

Prime Candidate

Top Games Recruitment Agencies  – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Prime is operated by a veteran entertainment recruiter, our specialized staffing agency connects up-and-coming gaming professionals with the companies who need their expertise and their services are open to absolutely everyone, regardless of gender or background.

As long as you’re a qualified, motivated candidate, we’re ready to help you find your dream job.

Games recruitment agencies Japan

RGF – Executive

Top Games Recruitment Agencies  – Best Games Recruitment Agency

The RGF team consists of bilingual consultants who are tenured within their industry of specialization, focusing on managerial and executive level recruitment. 

Their goal is to be able to help companies in both the consumer and digital markets grow, by introducing the best talent from each market to help companies succeed in today’s evolving market.

Esports recruitment agencies

GG Locators

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide – Best Games Recruitment Agency

GGlocators (Good Game Locators) are a specialist esports recruitment agency and a laser focused contract staffing and esports executive search firm highly specialized in sourcing and placing top tier talent in gaming, esports, and extended reality industries. The unrivaled experts in gaming recruitment.

Specialisms: Esports

Contact: (Iris)

Top Gaming Recruitment Agencies UK


Top Games Recruitment Agencies  – Best Games Recruitment Agency

Pentasia has placed 10,000+ candidates from across the skill-spectrum in many of the world’s leading online betting, gaming and digital companies.

Their expert team of consultants provide the advice and industry connections candidates need to explore, discover and secure work in the thriving iGaming sector worldwide and their reported unrivalled access to exclusive online gaming and betting jobs includes opportunities in tech, analytics, marketing, product, sales, C-Level leadership, professional services, project management and more.

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide

Pentasia’s clients include global online brands and emerging start-ups. With 15+ years in iGaming, they’ve placed the talent who now lead many of the world’s most iconic brands, including sports betting, casino, slots, poker, bingo, social gaming and beyond.

Specialisms: Gaming & Gambling



Top Gaming Recruitment Agencies UK

TechNet are in our Top Gaming Recruitment Agencies UK section as the team offers an unrivalled service in the provision of first-class immersive technology recruitment solutions to the UK and across the globe.

Established in 2001, they have sharpest, most knowledgeable specialist digital recruiters in industry. Whereas other recruiters will profess to say they cover multiple sectors with confidence, they aim to truly offer a boutique immersive and gaming recruitment solution within each gaming specialism.

 Specialisms: Gaming


Frequently Asked Questions

What services do gaming recruitment agencies offer?

Gaming recruitment agencies offer a range of services to game companies looking to hire new employees. These services can include sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews, negotiating salaries, and providing guidance on employment contracts. Some agencies may also offer additional services such as employer branding and talent management.

How do gaming recruitment agencies find the best candidates for game companies?

Gaming recruitment agencies use a variety of methods to find the best candidates for game companies. These methods can include advertising job vacancies on job boards and social media, searching their own candidate databases, and networking with industry professionals. Some agencies may also use AI and machine learning technologies to identify and match candidates with job vacancies.

What qualifications or experience do I need to work in the gaming industry?

The qualifications and experience required to work in the gaming industry can vary depending on the specific job role. However, in general, candidates will need a strong understanding of the gaming industry and its trends, as well as relevant skills and experience in areas such as game design, programming, art, or marketing. Some roles may also require a degree or equivalent qualification in a related field.

What are some of the biggest gaming companies that use recruitment agencies?

Many of the biggest gaming companies in the world use recruitment agencies to help them find new employees. Some of these companies include Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Rockstar Games. However, it is worth noting that many smaller game companies also use recruitment agencies to help them find the right candidates.

How do I apply for a job in the gaming industry?

To apply for a job in the gaming industry, candidates should first research the specific company and job role they are interested in. They should then ensure they have the relevant qualifications and experience required for the role, and prepare a well-written CV and cover letter. Candidates can then apply for job vacancies directly through the company’s website, or through a gaming recruitment agency.

What are the typical salaries for jobs in the gaming industry?

Salaries for jobs in the gaming industry can vary widely depending on the specific job role, location, and level of experience. However, in general, salaries in the gaming industry are competitive and can range from entry-level salaries of around £20,000 per year to senior-level salaries of over £100,000 per year.

Thank you for reading our best games recruitment agency and top games recruitment agencies uk and global guide.

Top Games Recruitment Agencies Guide

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