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Gaming Recruitment Solutions - Games Recruitment Agencies London

Games recruiter UK – Gaming Recruitment Solutions

The combination of over a decade of gaming specific recruitment expertise (Steven Jackson) and over 20 years of experience working in the sector (Paul Sculpher) helps us to understand your brief and requirements. We believe that our time spent in the industry helps us not only to know where to look for the right candidate, but also to determine the correct cultural fit.

Not all employers have the same approach to the gaming industry, and we can tell the difference. Across all sectors and job roles in the gaming industry, we have you covered. Online, offline, betting, bingo, sales, management, HR, technical – we’ve been involved in them all. 

Our Core values are:
Honest and open – we tell it like it is, we won’t mess you around, and if we can’t find anyone good enough for the role you’re trying to fill, we won’t waste your time with “near misses”, we’ll tell you straight and keep hunting.

Relentless and resourceful – around 35 years in the industry between Steven and Paul speaks to our ability to get the job done. The right person is out there in the marketplace, and we will find them for you.

Gaming Recruitment Solutions - Games Recruitment Agencies London

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