Focus on Marketing Recruitment Agencies: Lime Talent

Focus on Marketing Recruitment Agencies: Lime Talent

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Recruitment is going through a rough time at the moment like many businesses. Maybe not as bad as retail, airlines or restaurants (and many many more) but when the economy tanks, recruiters get in the neck.

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Some may say that’s the nature of the beast or even good riddance but we don’t believe that so this week we are seeking a little love out to Lime Talent.

If you are hiring why don’t you drop them a line .

Lime was co-founded in 2013 by Chris, Dan and Paul. At the time, each had around 10 years of experience recruiting for businesses in consumer goods. The goal was to create a business that could recruit for sales, marketing and supply chain vacancies for businesses of all sizes in the FMCG market. At the same time, we wanted to create a performance lead culture underpinned by offering excellent client service.

Since then, we have grown quickly and now have separate divisions for hospitality, graduates, NPD & technical which are all run by experienced recruiters or people with relevant industry experience for their area.

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