New Study Reveals for most Blockchain Jobs London takes first place

blockchain jobs london cryptocurrency jobs London
London blockchain jobs cryptocurrency jobs London

New Study Reveals for most Blockchain Jobs London takes first place

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies and block technology has completed the transition from being stuff for computer jerks to a subject attracting mainstream participation.

We had Donald Trump tweeting about Bitcoin the other day, and Facebook unveiling their plans to launch a cryptocurrency, after recruiting several block talents last year.

With those developments in the United States, and of course several projects headquartered there, it is easy to believe that a hub in the country should also be the highest jurisdiction recruiting block and crypto talents.

blockchain jobs London cryptocurrency jobs London

blockchain jobs london cryptocurrency jobs London
The goldrush….

Well, not so fast.

A recent study by TeQatlas, a crypto-focused financial services firm revealed that for ye olde londonium is at the forefront of the block and crypto hiring spree.

Citing data collected from Glassdoor, TeQatlas confirmed that current blockchain jobs in London represent 26% of block-related job offerings globally.

Interestingly, that figure beats the percentage of crypto jobs in San Jose, Singapore, and Hong Kong combined. These regions, according to the study boast a combined 24%, which is at least 2% less than block and crypto jobs London has to offer.

Meanwhile, the only two territories that come close, as you would rightly guess is from the U.S, with New York and San Francisco recording 19% and 13% respectively.

Putting that into perspective also brings us to the conclusion that this Blockchain Jobs London is the dominant hub in Europe when it comes to hiring block and crypto talents.


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New York, San Francisco, and San Jose, all regions in the U.S have 42% of global blockchain-related job openings, while no other hub in Europe makes the cut by providing more than the 8% available in both Singapore and Hong Kong.

Conclusively, it is essential to note at this point that regional supremacy takes on minor significance when compared to the impact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are making at a global level.

As long as the job opening keep springing up, we inevitably have on our hands, an industry that will play a leading role in the future financial landscape.

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