Fintech Jobs London #1 HOT JOBS in Fintech UK

Fintech Jobs London #1 HOT JOBS in Fintech UK

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The UK capital is one of the largest financial hubs in both Europe and the world with the London Stock Exchange having a captialisation in excess of $4.5 Trillion and is the world’s largest exporter of financial services.

And one rapidly growing sector that is powered by innovation, it’s fintech.

So here are some of the hottest jobs in Fintech in London right now

Fintech Jobs London

Bank of England

Look, we know you are looking for a super hot just funded agile fintech but this role really could be amazing.

Also, you’ll get such a great reference after – as long as you don’t mess it up – you’ll be able to work for any bank across the globe. Think about it…

Verdict: Career booster

Bank of England logo fintech jobs London
BoE – Fintech Jobs London


OK, granted we don’t know too much about this role and the company but that’s the beauty. It’s your chance to go in and role the dice in a Tech Lead position.

And it’s a contract day rate with a quick start. That’s appealing

Verdict: A risk but interesting


Seedrs have almost been there since day one in the crowd funding space and this is a great opp to join a great brand, team and work in super central london location.

You’ll also get a great opp to see all the up and coming startups ands entrepreneurs across many categories and that’s really why we’re recommending it. We love a role and company with a viewpoint, and being a Product Lead at Seedrs ticks a lot of boxes

Seedrs logo fintech jobs london

We hope you found this small Fintech Jobs London list useful and we also recommend you approach the scaleups directly and have put this list together for you updated for 2020

Fintech Startups London

And also of course why not also consider approaching any of the hot london startups right now

We hope you found our hot fintech jobs london list useful. Do check back as it’s updated in life and hot finance tech jobs come in and out.

We recommend also checking out our top IT recruitment agencies London and startup recruiters lists and blockchain jobs london and startup jobs boards for further ideas.

Also, why not just approach the fintech startups London or Startups London directly?

Fintech Jobs London #1 HOT STARTUP Jobs UK
Fintech Jobs London #1 HOT STARTUP Jobs UK
Fintech Jobs London #1 HOT STARTUP Jobs UK. Hot Fintech Jobs London and the rest of the UK. Here are some of the hottest jobs in Fintech in London right now

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