finboot blockchain startups london blockchain recruitment agency
finboot blockchain startups london blockchain recruitment agency

Finboot Expands Technology Team in Cardiff and Barcelona

Finboot Expands Technology Team in Cardiff and Barcelona

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Finboot, a financial technology company based out of London, has announced its plans to expand their tech team by hiring 20 more employees. They will be doing this at both the Cardiff office as well as the new one they opened up recently in Barcelona.”It’s great news for FinBoot that we are able to recruit such skilled people from around Europe,” said Liam Griffiths, CEO of FinBoot who believes it is going “to help us further grow our business across multiple locations”.

He also says his team members’ positions range from web developers all the way through backend engineers. In order to increase awareness about these openings within European cities where many potential candidates might not know too much about what exactly.

The blockchain company Finboot announced today that it is expanding their team in both Cardiff and Barcelona. Headquartered in the Welsh capital, they secure a competitive edge for world class companies through innovative blockchain-powered technology.

Finboot announced that it was opening its Cardiff office in May with three new senior hires. Now, Finboot is adding four more employees to their technology team at both of their offices as they aim to capitalize on the market opportunity for companies who are supplying chains across countries including the UK and EU.

Finboot announced that it would be expanding its workforce by hiring six workers after being open since April this year in order to expand upon securing supply chains throughout multiple countries which includes The United Kingdom and European Union (EU).

Finboot’s technology can be applied to multiple business sectors, enabling companies like Repsol, Stahl and Desigual save time and money through simple interactions within their supply chains. The tamperproof traceability of products is securely stored with the verification of sustainability credentials on Finboot.

Juan Miguel Pérez Rosas, the CEO of Finboot, said: “We are delighted to welcome our new colleagues. We’re benefiting from a collaborative tech ecosystem in both Cardiff and Barcelona – it’s truly an unbeatable combination.”

Earlier this year, Finboot the enterprise software company secured a £2.5 million investment from investors including Repsol and Development Bank of Wales (DBW).

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