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Felix Capital Acounces Crypto Fund to Back Web3 Startups

Felix Capital Acounces Crypto Fund to Back Web3 Startups

London’s Felix Capital has announced a new crypto fund to support startups tackling the growing web 3. The initial focus of the fund is on attracting emerging brands to the Web 3 space, rather than equipping existing brands with blockchain strategies. Established fashion brands have already dabbled in the NFT space with products such as exclusive digital collectibles. The fund has already invested in e-scooter startup VanMoof.


As the market shifts from traditional investing to the nascent space of the Web3, investors are looking at the future of crypto. Recently, London’s Felix Capital announced its plan to create a crypto fund to back Web3 startups. This news follows recent announcements from Binance Labs and Solana Ventures. Both organizations have pledged to invest $500 million in companies with Web3 technology.

The investment firm is making plans to focus its fourth fundraising round on web3 and cryptocurrency. It is planning to fund twenty-five other companies in the early and growth stages of development. The firm also aims to promote cultural diversity and invest in consumer needs. The initial investment round will start with 20-25 companies in Europe and North America. Further, the fund will continue to expand in the future as it continues to acquire new investments.


The Ledger crypto fund announced by Londons based Felix Capital is a follow-up to the previous round of the Fund. The firm, which is also known as Ledger Capital, is a Series C startup that invests in seed and early-stage companies in the emerging security, infrastructure and crypto segments. The initial investment will range between EUR5 million and EUR8 million, depending on the size of the fund.

The fund is backed by an investment in Ledger, which aims to be the easiest way for anyone to invest in digital assets. Ledger’s Ledger Live system enables users to purchase, sell, and swap digital assets with a secure interface. The company’s hardware and software offer best-in-class security and convenience, and the company’s financial profile has grown along with its operations.


A new venture capital firm based in London, UK, has announced plans to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Founded by Frederic Court, Felix plans to invest in companies that help people manage and trade digital currencies. It will also invest in firms that create tools for startups to better manage their investments. It also plans to make investments in the future of work. The fund is set to start investing in the Web3 space this month.

The fund will have a total capital commitment of $1.2 billion, which is more than double its original target of $500 million. The fund is set to invest in the growth funding rounds of 20-25 Web3 startups across North America and Europe. The fund’s first round raised $120 million, and it aims to increase that amount to at least a billion dollars. The firm’s portfolio includes companies like Farfetch, Deliveroo, and Peloton.

Fabric Ventures

The new crypto fund from Fabric Ventures will invest in blockchain-based Web3 startups. It aims to support innovative projects with a human-centric focus, as well as platforms and protocols that last a long time. Investing in these startups will provide an important boost to the Web3 ecosystem. Fabric Ventures will be partnering with experienced founders and operators, as well as investing in fundamental research.

In June, Fabric Ventures launched its first cryptocurrency fund, which will back companies in the open economy space. This fund was previously valued at $130 million, including EUR25 million from the European Investment Fund. The fund also received backing from several existing firms, including Ethereum, Square, PayPal, the European Investment Fund, and Hut Capital. Fabric Ventures will provide seed funding to a select group of startups.


Newly formed blockchain-focused venture fund Felix Capital has just announced plans to invest in web3 startups. Although the fund will be aimed at startups with a high potential for growth, it will focus on brands that are able to play into the digitised lifestyle. Despite the recent pandemic, Felix Court believes that the shift in consumer behaviour isn’t slowing down. Indeed, great companies are often born during periods of turmoil. Farfetch, for instance, was launched during the recession.

The fund will be the fourth fund from Felix Capital, making it the largest since the company launched in 2015. It is targeting web3 startups, as well as cryptocurrencies, and aims to become the most valuable partner for entrepreneurs. It plans to invest in 20 to 25 companies, both in the growth stage and at the early stage. Apart from investing in blockchain-based startups, the fund will also invest in companies promoting diversity and fostering a sense of community.

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