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Ethical Startups London & UK

Ethical Startups London 2021 Guide #1 THE ETHICAL STARTUPS UK 2020 Guide

Ethical Startups London

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Ethical is increasingly a purchasing decision of customers and as a result businesses are embracing their more ethical future and that can at times be difficult to define exactly what this means in terms of business practice.

But one thing is sure it’s a journey and every step forward should be encouraged, embraced and rewarded so here we take a look at some of the scales ups in both the capital and the UK and some special examples from around the world that are taking bold new steps and helping lead the way.

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk

1. Element AI

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk element ai

Element AI work hard to ensure that AI is designed, developed and deployed in service of the public good— not because it is one possible path to safe AI among many, but because it is the only way forward.

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Element AI engage with governments, civil society, academia and businesses to ensure deployment respects laws and regulations and is grounded in human rights and research the design and technical aspects of explainability and transparency, choose AI projects that lead to positive social impacts and are dedicated to putting our own house in order first through responsible and sustainable business practices.

Element AI help organizations adopt the safe and responsible AI that they believe will be imperative to long-term growth.

Element AI logo hot startup Jobs London

2. Urban Things

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk urban things

Urban Things m-Ticketing solution is the modern passenger, journey and payment solution for modern travel operators.

Increase ridership with smarter ticketing, a bespoke RTI app and a branded passenger portal. New on-board ‘Hex Tags’ enable QR, NFC and Bluetooth check-in for 95% less capital expenditure than current ticketing solutions.

The cloud-based back office system handles fares and capping, CRM, revenue protection, customer insights and more.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Urban Things

Ethical startups London Ethical Startups UK
Ethical Startups London

3. Glimpse

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk glimpse

Glimpse is a new collective for creative people who want to use their skills for good and run independent campaigns and work with NGOs, brands and people they like. How cool is that!

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Glimpse

4. Safe & the City

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk safe and the city

Safe & the City‘s award-winning team provides the technology and insights to improve safety risks and create the visibility to share the difference you’re making.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Safe the City
Safe & The City – ethical startups london

5. Moving Mountains

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk moving mountains

Moving Mountains is a big, bold and powerful metaphor that maps to the brand’s massive and seemingly impossible goal of living in harmony on a sustainable planet, as well as a daily affirmation in the form of the plant based diet, food and human health.

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Simeon, the founder & CEO of Moving Mountains®, is a Vegan and a firm believer in the plant based diet, as well as being a lifelong passionate supporter of environmental issues. Simeon set about to develop a company that could make a real and long-lasting positive change and disrupt the animal agriculture food industry that is responsible for the majority of the earth’s resource destruction.

It all started after a routine blood test at the GP, which returned Simeon with a high cholesterol reading. The GP’s responses were to cut out meat and dairy or go on statins. Already a Vegetarian at the time Simeon was surprised that dairy products could cause so much damage to the human body and decided to follow more of an overall plant based diet from then on.

Starting with the Moving Mountains® Burger, Simeon spent two years in development laboratories with a dedicated team of scientists and chefs to create the ideal tasting product. Hundreds of recipes have been tried and tested to achieve the final result of the burger that’s available for everyone today.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Moving Mountains

6. Super Carers

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk super carers

Super Carers was started by two brothers, after their own difficult experience of finding care. Adam and Daniel Pike wanted to make sure no other family found themselves in the same situation, and decided to start SuperCarers.

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Launched in November 2015, SuperCarers have helped hundreds of families around the country find home care for their loved ones.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK SuperCarers
Super Carers – ethical startups london

7. Pact Coffee

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk pact coffee

Pact Coffee was created to change people’s minds about coffee and they think about it like wine, not flour – it’s a cupboard staple, but one that’s infinitely better if it’s been lovingly grown and expertly processed.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Pact Coffee

8. Pip & Nut

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk pip and nut

Pip & Nut are obsessed with making tasty things and are brimming with ideas & energy and passionate about ingredients & flavour.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Pip Nut

9. Logically

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk logically

Logically app is home to a suite of tools, including bespoke fact-checking and an AI-curated feed designed to help you navigate the news. Using the app, you can submit claims to be checked by our team and share the results on social media.

Our news feed is automatically generated by a specially designed AI to help you to contextualize what you see, think critically, and see stories and viewpoints from across the political spectrum.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Logically

10. Delphis

london ethical startups london best uk ethical startups uk delphis

Delphis Eco is the first UK-based cleaning product company to make its bottles from 100% recycled plastic, and the first to receive EU Ecolabel accreditation for cleaning products.

In fact, Delphis Eco boasts the largest accredited product range on the market, and the good news is, it’s a range that’s growing.

Ethical startups London Ethical startups UK Delphis Eco

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What does ethical startup mean?

Broadly speaking, a truly ethical startup will be one that is not causing damage to the environment, exploiting its workforce by paying low wages or producing products which are harmful or dangerous OR one which actively targets an ethical market

Is an ethical startup different to an ethical company?

Actually it can be, yes. Some ethical startups mission to provide people and other companies with more ethical and transparent processes and not just to incorporate these values within their own business model

Are you an ethical startup or not?

Being ethical as a business is more a combination of a genuine mission statement and values and a process to implement these values throughout your business. However, it is not an absolute.

Which categories are there the most ethical startups?

Without doubt due to increased consumer awareness in western markets, new “ethical” businesses and startups operating in the consumer fashion and food categories are most prevalent

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Ethical Startups London

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