Emerging london ai startups
Emerging london ai startups

Emerging London AI Startups London & UK 2022 Guide

Emerging London AI Startups London & UK Guide

london ai startups emerging

The AI booming right now and in London there are some very innovative companies emerging in the second wave so lets take a look at some of the new girls and boys on the block.

Emerging london ai startups

Dragon Fly

ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly ai banner
ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly ai team
Dragon Fly

DragonFly AI uses cutting edge neuroscience to accurately predict how the design of any content or experience influences what your audience sees first, across any channel.

ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly ai presentation

DragonFly do this by helping you understand how design decisions impact audience attention eliminates guesswork and helps you to optimise your digital and real-world content and experiences throughout the design lifecycle.

ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly logo

Odin Vision

ai startups london ai startups uk odin banner

Odin was founded by a team of clinicians, medical imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) experts, is developing the next generation of AI enabled applications for endoscopic procedures.

Odin believe that AI will create a new era of healthcare by supporting doctors to deliver higher quality care leading to improved patient outcomes and better value for healthcare payers.

ai startups london ai startups uk odin team

To do this, Odin are creating a suite of tools that support doctors to improve detection and diagnosis of disease. Our award winning, deep learning technology has been developed by academic and clinical experts at University College London who have been leading this research field for the past 20 years. 

ai startups london ai startups uk odin vision logo


Travtus banner

Travtus‘s goal is to revolutionise the Real Estate industry using Data, AI and Machine Learning and they aim to do that by building ADAM, the worlds first automated property manager.

Today Adam automates contact centre and operations related to property maintenance but in the future – Travtus aim with Adam – to help bring efficiency and automation across all areas of Property Management.

Travtus icon

Move AI

Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK move ai

Move Ai combines computer vision, Ai and real time machine learning to create enterprise software solutions from real-time performance data.

Move.AI does this by building computer vision software which can instantly generate performance data from video feeds in any sport. London ai startups

ai startups london ai startups uk artificial intelligence startups london Move AI graphic

Founded out of Imperial College London; Move.ai is still in the early stage and combines industry leading computer vision and machine learning academics with a decade of sector expertise across entertainment and sport.

move ai


Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK brisk

Integrated risk monitoring and protection. Brisk goes beyond the traditional insurance policy to revolutionise the way businesses are protected.

Using A.I, Brisk want to save businesses time keeping their business and their people protected and provide peace of mind beyond just an insurance policy.

brisk graphic

Tracking finances, credit checking clients and suppliers, keeping an eye on employee wellbeing, avoiding cyber attacks, monitoring reputation – these things all take time. Brisk uses real-time data feeds and clever technology to:

  1. Automate the way you understand the risks and opportunities you face
  2. Get you straight to the action that needs to be taken
  3. Connect you to relevant financial services that adapt as your business changes
brisk logo
Brisk – London AI Startups


ai startups london ai startups uk bots and us banner

Botsandus develop state of the art robotics and AI products by combining social sciences with human-centred design and cutting edge engineering.

Botsandus believe in humans and robots collaborating towards a better life and more efficient businesses and believe in a world where robots liberate us from dull, repetitive work so we focus on the things that truly matter.

Their mission is to create a fleet of autonomous service robots to work alongside people in dynamic, public spaces. Their goal is to drive efficiency across customer service, operations and analytics.

startups ai london bots and us logo

Orbital Witness

ai startups london ai startups uk orbital witness banner

Orbital Witness – Whether you are a FTSE 100 property developer, a first-time homebuyer, or a top real estate lawyer, legal checks on property are complicated. Orbital Witness’ vision is to automate legal risk profiling in real estate – providing an instant assessment of legal issues on land and property.

This is achieved through an intelligent analysis of property and legal data, with our analytics engine being trained to spot key legal issues in a real estate transaction.

ai startups uk orbital witness logo image


ai startups london ai startups uk 7bridges logo banner

7Bridges vision is to transform and democratise logistics, by enabling businesses of any scale to connect with their customers around the world in the most cost effective, sustainable and delightful way possible.

The 7bridges platform can handle logistics operations from any industry, no matter how complex. Our use cases solve pain-points for customers in med-tech, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Learn about some logistics transformations we have enabled for our customers and get in touch so that we can explore use-cases specific to your business.

ai startups uk 7bridges logo

AI Startups London

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We hope you found our AI companies guide useful and do follow them as they get venture capital investment.


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What does the term and expression "AI" mean?

A.I means Artificial intelligence and is an area of computer science that focusses on the creation of “intelligent machines” that work and react like humans.

What does the term and expression machine learning mean?

Machine learning refers to the ability of a computer program or application to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed

Is artificial intelligence and machine learning the same thing?

We are going to be controversial and state that although there are differences, in practise, they largely referring to the same technology with many “AI’ startups actually being a reference to machine learning

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