Edtech Jobs London – HOT EDTECH Startup Jobs UK

Edtech jobs London

Edtech Jobs London – HOT EDTECH Startup Jobs UK

Here’s a list of some of the hot education technology jobs in London available for you to apply to right now.

Edtech Jobs London

MARCH 2020

Zen educate – Account Manager

UK schools spend well over £2bn per year on covering short term absences with supply teachers. Ensure all your application information is up to date and in order before applying for this opportunity.

The current model is exclusively reliant on agencies that charge a massive commission and are terribly inefficient (everything is paper and phone-call based).

We are consolidating this analogue, fragmented, and inefficient marketplace onto a digital platform.

Think Uber for supply teachers.

This is your chance to join a tech startup on the ground floor.

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Zen educate – a hot Edtech Jobs London startup
Zen educate - Edtech Jobs London Edtech jobs UK

Cognassist – Marketing & Events Manager

 Cognitive Assessment Platform, is one of the fastest growing SaaS/Tech platforms in the UK ( helping education providers deliver better experiences for learners. Our vision is that in the future all learners will have a Cognassist Passport that gives them access to individualised curricula and maximises they learning potential.

Today, Cognassists online assessment works by quickly and easily identifying learners with additional learning needs, assessing those needs and providing support for both learners and tutors so it’s a definite hot employer on our Edtech Jobs London list!


We are building a team of accomplished and experienced commercial professionals who have high standards of performance, want to succeed and to be part of a rapidly growing business.

We’re looking for someone keen to take the next step in their commercial career, and to help build a world-class business development team in the UK and globally, delivering a solution that really makes a difference to peoples lives.


Cognassist is looking for a Marketing and Events Manager seeking to take their next career step and come with us on our journey. This individuals main focus will be to deliver the Cognassist Event Strategy, but in a small team they will inevitably work across the breadth of the Cognassist marketing provision.

This position is critical in achieving Cognassists strategic goals and delivering our business development targets. This role will be based from our London office.

Cognassist logo - Edtech Jobs London Edtech jobs UK

We hope you found our guide to the hottest Edtech Jobs London has right now.

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