The customer data platform is the new oracle? Yeah, right!

Customer Data Platform B2B Digital Marketing Agency London
Customer Data Platform B2B Digital Marketing Agency London

On point b2b digital marketing agency: the customer data platform

For the on point b2b digital marketing agency the tool box of available has just got a whole lot bigger and better with the availability of the customer data platform or “CDP” for short.

Gone are the days of putting in SalesForce tied to a marketing platform like Marketo. Now the B2B customer must treat and track all their engagement with the existing and potential B2B client base with the type of near pin point accuracy and micro segmentation that only a Customer Data Platform can provide.

How the CDP is killing off the CRM platform

Most large enterprise level companies are stuck with some multi faceted audit cycled out of version beast of a legacy CRM and because neither sale nor marketing have the time or foresight to pick up the can. Meanwhile their more agile competitors are using customer data platforms to develop deeper insights linked with actual engagement channels (think email, pop ups, site visits and even phone calls) to better segment their customers into micro clusters and propose content and services and offers that are ideal for them.

Why you as a Digital Marketing Agency need to be in front of this trend

The b2b digital marketing agency toolkit Part II: Outbound

There’s nothing worse than an agency who’s behind the tech curve of their client in their core field. When the client is cleverer and more up to date with modern sales and marketing methodology that’s when it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

The top Customer Data Platforms

Here is a list of customer data platforms you should be familiar with

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So I hear you run a B2B Digital Marketing Agency….

In this sense you as a digital marketing agency must not only be fuller aware of the benefits and negatives of a CDP – including the time and resource needed – not just for your own business development but also be able to accurately recommend and guide your client to the right enabler subject to your requirements. So in this article we list some of the top customer data platforms we feel a B2B digital marketing agency should have some level of familiarity with, if not be actually using

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