Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide
Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

The Top Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.

Wernher von Braun

With company competition at an all time global and multi layered high due to the rapid evolution of technology and the integration of booming global markets we look at the firms out there helping growth venture capital and private equity groups compete better by understanding the ecommerce, tech and marketing capabilities of potential acquisitions better.

Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

If you’re not doing it now as part of your marketing assessment then be certain one of your competitors is so check out this list and contact the firms on it to start taking the lead.

What is Digital Due Dil?

The top tech due diligence consultants in the world digital due diligence company

Digital due-dil is essential for success in the digital age. It can help identify any potential risks and vulnerabilities, as well as find new opportunities.

If you are not planning to use one of the digital companies in our guide, there are many ways to carry out your prep, so choose the approach that best suits your needs and goals. At its core, it is a process of thoroughly reviewing all aspects of your business online.

This can include everything from reviewing your company’s financials to conducting a security audit. By doing this, you can protect your company and its assets from harm and ensure long-term success.

Why is it important to do due-dil in your business?

Digital due dil is an important step in protecting your business. By understanding your competitors, identifying any potential security risks or vulnerabilities, and implementing best practices, you can help build a strong foundation for your business growth into the future.

By doing prior research, you can finally put your business in a good position to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

This can be done through performing internet searches, reading public filings (such as SEC documents), assessing social media profiles and posts, studying company websites, and more

The goal of agencies conducting this detailed process for you is to identify any red flags or irregularities that could indicate risk associated with investing in a particular company. By doing this research ahead of time, you

Top Digital Due Diligence Companies

Digital Due Diligence Consultancies – Digital Due Diligence Companies Guide

Ethical Venture

The Top Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

Ethical Venture are a new advisory to private equity specialising in using AI and machine learning to deliver data based deep insights into companies and market trends.

Ground Venture

Digital Due Diligence Companies / Digital Due Diligence Firms UK Guide

Ground Venture is the sister consultancy to Ethical Venture and is a new ESG minded Private Equity Due Diligence consultancy specialising in tech and ecommerce consumer brands with clients mainly in the UK.


Top Venture Capital Consultants & Best Private Equity Consultants London

The Digitalists are a new company in this category specialising in ecommerce consumer brands and private equity with multiple of recent use cases so give them a shot!

On Max

Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

On Max are in our guide as they are one of the first inventors of this genre. 

10 years ago, OMMAX developed a thorough methodology for investors planning to buy or sell a company assess the target company’s digital presence and digital revenue and analyze the potential to drive digital sales and EBITDA. With 200+ deals, >€15.5B deal value and 700+ value creation projects for leading private equity clients and they claim to be the leading European digital transaction advisory in this category.


Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

Aqute are in our guide as for two decades have provided competitive intel and competitor analysis services that enable their clients to make smart decisions.

Aqute’s clients include global brands and major institutions, who trust them to deliver accurate reports and actionable insights, and smaller companies racing their competitors for growth.

Aqute are small enough to be responsive but big enough to cover the globe and have two clusters of analysts in San Francisco and London, as well as a widely distributed team who specialize in specific industries, including technology and some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies.


Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

Equator are in our guide as in 1999 John, JJ & Garry saw that digital would revolutionise the world; levelling the playing field for smaller brands and creating new business models.

Realising that few businesses were equipped to respond to this transformation, they left the security of successful careers to build a new type of agency for the modern age. From a bedsit with just a Bondi blue iMac and a big idea, they conceived Equator as an agency designed to create the business models and brands of tomorrow.


Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide digital due diligence firms

DDD are in our digital due diligence firms guide as they specialise in due diligence M&A audits for Private Equity and Venture Capital companies. Focused on mid-market investments and acquisitions.

Led by Simon Hall and supported by a senior team of experts, we produce analysis to understand companies digital maturity, risks and opportunities and their detailed due diligence reports focuse on the ecosystem, performance, improvements and a 100-day plan for implementation and work on dassets across Europe, the US and Asia.


Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

Palladium are in our digtial due diligence firms guide as they identify and drive opportunities for digitally led change providing a platform for accelerated growth and successful exits.

Their services span the full investment lifecycle where they help identify opportunities and risks, to post-deal value creation working with portfolio companies to build future strategies and the products and services to accelerate growth and add long term value.

Palladium’s holistic approach to change, transitions from the operators and implementers of activity, through to board level, where Palladium’s input helps support both the cultural and commercial impact of digitally led change.

Due Diligence Checklist

  1. When conducting research, list all websites that your business may be interested in acquiring or partnering with. This includes any third-party sites that might contain information relevant to your company’s operations or strategy.
  2. Review the website traffic statistics for each of the websites listed and identify any patterns that may indicate untrustworthy behavior or unethical practices on behalf of the site owner(s).
  3. Investigate whether potential partners have been compliant with industry regulations and if they are up-to-date on changes in applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Perform a search for similar businesses within your target market area to get an idea of what competition is like and how you could potentially compete against them (if acquisition is being considered).
  5. Evaluate customer reviews, ratings, social media engagement stats, etc., to get a better understanding of who this target market actually is and what their priorities are when it comes to purchasing goods & services online.
  6. And of course, check out our guide and contact a specialist!

Digital Due Diligence Tips

Everyone wants to make sure that their business is doing well and making profits, but not everyone knows how to go about getting this information. That’s where quality research comes in – a process of investigating your business online to make sure it’s running as it should and taking necessary precautions to protect yourself and your investment.

By understanding what prior digital research is and the importance of doing it, you can start protecting yourself and your business today!

Tools and software

Starting a business is a big decision, and it’s important to make sure that the decision is the right one. That’s where digital due dil comes in – a process of conducting thorough checks of a company’s digital assets in order to identify any potential risks.

There are many different tools and software available for doing due dil, but it’s important to choose the right one for the job. Some common options include vulnerability scanning, malware analysis, and web scraping.

Additionally, it’s important to use these tools correctly in order to get the most out of them. If you’re starting a business, make sure you do your digital assessment first – it’s an essential part of the process!

4 steps of doing digital due dil in your business

As any of the top Digital Due Diligence companies in our guide will tell you, there’s no denying that prior research is an important part of any business’ safeguarding strategy. By taking the time to do it right, you can help ensure that your business is protected from the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Here are four key steps to help you get started:

What are some of the most common mistakes made when conducting digital due dil?

As any of the digital due diligence companies in our guide will tell you, Due dil is an important part of any acquisition, and mistakes can lead to problems down the road and below are five of the most common mistakes:

1. Not understanding the technology: Many times, companies think they need to understand every aspect of a potential acquisition’s technology in order to conduct a due diligence review. However, this isn’t always necessary. If the company has a representative on staff with experience in the target’s technology, they can provide valuable input.

2. Not doing enough research: Before conducting any due diligence, be sure to do your research. This includes reading the company’s documentation and reviews, speaking with employees and customers, and checking out the company’s website.

3. Failing to capture evidence: When investigating a company, make sure to take screenshots and recordings of anything that might be relevant. This includes emails, user profiles, and financial data.

4. Not considering geopolitical risks: One of the most important factors to consider when conducting due dil is geopolitical risk. This includes factors like the country’s economic stability, its relationship with other countries, and its stance on digital commerce.

5. Not having a plan: No matter.

How can I find the right tools to help me

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best tools for digital due dil will vary depending on the specific needs of the organization carrying out the due diligence.

However, some tools that may be useful in conducting digital due dil include: a search engine (such as Google), a digital forensic investigator (DFI) tool, and a content analysis tool.

What is digital due dil and what does it involve?

Digital due dil is an umbrella term that refers to the process of conducting a thorough search of a company’s online presence, including its website, social media accounts, and other online platforms.

Digital Due Dil Categories

Ecommerce & Online Shopping

As any of the digital due diligence firms in our guide wil tell you, Ecommerce is the process of buying and selling products or services online. It consists of both digital and physical sales channels, including websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Ecommerce has become an increasingly important part of the global economy. In 2016 alone, ecommerce generated $2.27 trillion in revenue globally. As adoption rates continue to increase among consumers around the world, it’s clear that ecommerce will only become more popular in the years to come!

Digital Marketing Performance

Performance optimization through data-driven insights and actionable recommendations

Targeting the most relevant potential customers with precision messaging

Increasing website engagement with ROI-focused products & services


Knowing what products to sell, when to start selling them, and where to market them

Creating an effective online store from scratch or improving an existing one

Researching the competition and understanding their strategies

Making the most of rich media content (videos, graphics, etc.), social media marketing efforts & email campaigns

SAAS & B2B Digital Platforms

Setting up governance and compliance for your digital platform

Identifying trends and risks in the data you are collecting

Determining whether you need to evolve or shut down your digital platform

Assessing customer churn, engagement & reach


Understanding your customer lifecycle

Identifying and assessing key relationships

Assessing whether you are reaching customers in the most effective way

Predicting when and how to add or retire products/ services

Cyber & IT Security

Developing an effective cyber security strategy

Identifying and assessing vulnerabilities

Developing mitigation plans

Monitoring progress against plan

What is Digital Due Diligence?

Digital Due Dil is a process where you use digital methods to achieve specific business goals and is how businesses are assessed in terms of how they use digital tools to engage with customers and provide their services.

We hope you enjoyed out digital due diligence companies guide.

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Digital Due Diligence Companies & Category Guide

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The top tech due diligence consultants in the world