Data Room BEST VIRTUAL DATA ROOM Providers ideals
Data Room BEST VIRTUAL DATA ROOM Providers ideals

Data Room Providers – iDeals Review

iDeals- A Detailed Review

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Every workplace or business organization requires a faster, better, and more critical storage place for the enormous amount of crucial information. Virtual Rooms are one of the best solutions to all your documental problems and needs. They allow you to store, manage and share data comfortably and most reliably.

Data Room BEST VIRTUAL DATA ROOM Providers ideals 1

Various Virtual Room Data Providers help you acquire the right workplace environment. iDeals is one of the Data Room Providing Software we are going to talk about.

 We will discuss iDeals briefly in this article and find out everything that you need to know about this Virtual Data Room software.

Why iDeals?

iDeals provides you highly customized and secured data rooms to operate a large amount of vital information. The security protocols of iDeals ensure all the confidential data between clients and the team members, as well. The encrypted information allows the teams and organizations to work without being skeptical about the security.

iDeals can load up to tons of information in a few seconds; the efficiency of sharing and customizing information makes iDeals a comprehensive data room software for you and your company. Easy Drag and Drop feature in iDeals makes uploading and downloading the data a matter of a few seconds only.

The analytical report making and record-keeping of iDeals keep you updated on the essential details about your project. You can also control who can review your information and who cannot. Therefore, iDeals gives you a complete hold of your information.

Let’s talk about the main features of iDeals one by one in detail.

Manage your Data

iDeals allows you to manage all your essential data in a comfortable and customized way. The Drag and Drop feature allows you to download and upload information from anywhere at any time. No matter, it is a single document or a bulk of data. iDeals deals with all kinds of documents efficiently. It works suitably along with other web browsers and software. It does not require any plug-ins as well.

The software supports more than 25 file formats. So, you can use any kind of file without worrying about the design. The full-text search tool saves your time and directs you exactly where you need to go.

The automatic indexing number organizes your file on its own and sets you free from managing the enormous amount of data. Therefore, the management of all your documental work is made easy and time-saving by iDeals.

Compatibility Features of iDeals

When it comes to a mobile workplace, compatibility matters a lot. Therefore it is crucial to know whether iDeals provides a consistent user experience or not.

iDeals allows easy access from any device, at any place, and at any time of day. It is accessible by all kinds of computer devices, iOS devices, as well as android mobiles and tablets. It makes iDeals easy to access and use.

The mobile interface provides a compatible mobile view from your mobile device. Therefore no matter if you are stuck in traffic or unable to carry your computer, you can quickly get yourself updated on your mobile device.

You don’t need to log in with different passwords and IDs for every different document or folder. Log in only once and easily be a part of all your projects without worrying about remembering all the passwords.

Multilingual programmed language by iDeals allows dealing with clients from any region of the world.No matter your client is Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Swedish, or French, etc. More than 25 languages are inbuilt in iDeals Virtual Data Room to connect without any barriers.

Scroll Through all the documents without going on the main page again and again. Scroll through view mode enables you to jump from one document to another by simply scrolling through the document.

iDeals And Security of Your Data

iDeals enables you to explore a vast range of security options. It includes a remote shred option, which takes care of the encryption of your data while downloading or viewing the file online.

Unique secure iDeals spreadsheet allows you to encrypt your worksheet, put watermarks on them, view and download the information without changing its format from excel to any other file. Therefore, you can enjoy an original worksheet experience without converting your file into any other format.

Dynamic Watermarks feature allows you to put a customized watermark on your information. Therefore you can claim your information, and no other source can steal your data.

The Fence view security feature permits you to select the specific piece of information to be accessed by other users or team members. Everything else is barred and hidden while only the allowed piece of information can be viewed by the authorized person.

The level of security for viewing a file or a folder has several permission levels such as Download Encrypted PDF, Fence View, Download Original, Print, View, Download PDF, and Upload. These multiple levels of permission protect your essential information.

Customization And iDeals

You can customize various editing and writing tools in your document. The customizable header and footer in your documents and PDFs allow you to use the given space according to your need.

Multiple themes and a wide range of color options make your workplace more interactive and aesthetic. Use the logo of your brand and customize the theme and color according to the style of your company.

Select watermarks to be viewed in your documents and files, and design them in your own style with colors of your own choice. These watermarks can consist of the name of your brand or company, IP address or file or document number in your record.

Use advanced multilingual tools of iDeals to produce multilingual documents and projects without remaking the whole project. You can also customize your own terms and conditions; it can help you to elaborate your rules and idea of working with the user even before logging in to the Virtual Data Room.

Be More Analytical with iDeals

iDeals brings features that help you track the progress of your organization and track the work report of every individual team member and the whole group. Complete Audit Trails help you manage every activity in the data room and save a complete record of it.

Manage and secure financial data and transaction reports without any confusion. It allows you to save all your confidential data and protect it completely. Color reporting tools display what part of the group and what group is active in the project, also the least interested and operational areas in your data room.

Track complete details of information used and shared by any authorized person. You can even record how many times a file has been shared and track the location back. iDeals also allows you to observe what sections are mostly viewed by the users and how much time the user spends on the page, even in seconds.

Q&As on iDeals

Obtain full Q&As reports by your teams on various projects and make your workplace more interactive. The live chat session makes it easy to connect with any specific team member without waiting for hours or days.

Question status helps the user to find out what kind of question it is and what kind of response has been received. Authorized users can also track the thread of all the Q&As on any kind of project or document.

Download all the discussed material, including comments, threads, and various Q&As at the end of the project. It allows the user to utilize all the information as educational material and get help from it in future projects of the same sort.

Speed And Availability of The Data Room

iDeals makes the transfer and access speed almost ten times more than any other Virtual Data Room Software. It provides more than 200mBps speed to all its users. Therefore the continuous process of sending and receiving information may never come to a halt.

Maintenance windows are not required while operating iDeals. Most clients all around the world acquire critical business rooms for their professional meetings and confidential work.

Therefore iDealas makes this process easier by removing the need for a maintenance window and providing a room that never shuts without backup.


iDeals comes in different price ranges; mainly, the pricing plan is divided into three main categories, PRO, Business, and Enterprise. You can explore the package that suits your workplace and organization the best. iDeals is relatively low in price than the rest of the Data Room software.


Following are the customer feedback ratings on different features of iDeals:

Features NameScore out of 5Reason
Overall Rating4.8Very easy to work with, and allows you to work smoothly, features sometimes not compatible on mobile
Compatibility4.7Compatible software in the long-run, however, some of the modes such as mobile interface can be improved
Customer Service5All-time availability and friendly conversation
Pricing5Suitable pricing of packages.
Features4.8Features are easy and innovative to work with. However, the display can be improved.
Value for money4.5Not most of the packages justify the features and services provided by the software.

Final Conclusion

So, here was the complete review on iDeals and we have also mentioned which of its features are good and which are not. So, if you are looking for a good platform which provides a simple and easy to use interface. This one is the right choice for you.

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