Cornucopias Has Sold Out Its Largest NFT Land Sale On The Cardano Network


Cornucopias Has Sold Out Its Largest NFT Land Sale On The Cardano Network

Cornucopias Largest NFT Land Sale On The Cardano Network

The largest land sale on the Cardano network is here! Buy ADA Tokens and NFT land for your farming operations! Now’s the time to start cultivating and building your own farm in the new Cardano ecosystem! But before you buy, keep in mind that these lands are only available for a limited time! This is because they won’t be cultivated again until next year! In the meantime, you can buy them in secondary markets or at the upcoming NFT dome sale.

ADA Token

A global force of Cornucopians has sold out all District Land plots in the Cornucopias metaverse project’s fifth day of land sales. The project, which is a play-to-earn, non-fungible token project, has sold over 24,000 Land NFTs in a record time. As such, it has now become one of the top NFT projects on the Cardano network.

Once the Cornucopias land deeds are issued, they can be held or traded in secondary markets. This means that anyone interested in investing in this upcoming metaverse recreation can take advantage of the large land sale. While these land deeds are not mintable until next year, players can still purchase them in secondary markets or the upcoming NFT dome sale.

IOHK and Cardano are both companies founded by Charles Hoskinson, who also co-founded the Ethereum network and the ADA token. Charles Hoskinson’s technology company, IOHK, has been involved with crypto since 2011 and has written a Bitcoin course. The mathematician and technology entrepreneur recently donated a ADA worth $50000 to the University of Wyoming Blockchain Research and Development Lab.

Besides gaining access to exclusive NFT rewards and airdrops, investors in Cornucopias can participate in governance of the game ecosystem. In addition, holders of NFTs can stake for rewards and become tycoons in the metaverse. Furthermore, they can enjoy exclusive benefits, including dedicated roles in the Cornucopias Discord.

In February 2022, the cardano ecosystem reached a milestone of three million wallets. Wallet numbers increased by 1,200 percent in the same period, going from just a few thousand to over three million. Another noteworthy milestone was reaching the 1,000 smart contracts milestone, which was reached on Jan. 27, 2022. Despite Cardano’s comparatively lagging behind other blockchain projects, the project is still gaining momentum as a community project. Among the largest projects is Cornucopias Island, which offers players real-world rewards for their efforts.

With the ADA/USD price pairing on CoinMarketCap, you can also trade this cryptocurrency with other major currencies. There are many exchanges that support Cardano, including CoinMarketCap, and there are numerous exchanges where you can buy or sell it. The most popular exchanges offer it in USD, EUR, CAD, and KRW. You can also check out Cardano Price Converter, which helps you determine the value of your Cardano.

NFT land

Among the most exciting assets in the metaverse is land. Recently, Cornucopias, a play-to-earn project, established a record of the largest NFT land sale on The Cardano Network. The project has sold out its first 24,000 assortment of land in record time. The success of this sale has encouraged other trustworthy projects to follow its footsteps.

A global force of Cornucopians purchased all 24,000 District Land plots in the largest land sale on The Cardano network. In this land sale, buyers came from as many as 163 different countries. The Cardano team announced that there will be no more District Land plots in Theme Zones until next year, but promised to hold another custom dome NFT sale soon.

Moreover, the players can participate in the governance of the game ecosystem by using their NFTs. They can vote on important decisions and can earn income by staking. In addition, they can join various test groups and travel around the Cornucopias metaverse. NFT holders can sell their NFTs in-game or on secondary markets to earn rewards.

If you want to invest in the future of virtual properties, you need to acquire NFT land. NFT land is the equivalent of real land in the metaverse. People can use their NFTs to stake in different projects, earn income, and monetize their property. With the growth of the network, the future of virtual property is at stake. It is possible to own land for a fraction of the value of real estate, and it is now easier than ever to become a part of this growing market.

The game is an innovative project that offers players real world value for their NFTs. It combines play-to-earn, build-to-earn, and host-to-earn. The game’s ecosystem has a unified and massive metaverse that has been designed to promote positive interactions between its players. Cornucopias is one of the largest NFT land sales on The Cardano Network, and it offers players the opportunity to build virtual properties and enjoy real-world benefits such as airdrops, rewards, and a wide range of other features.

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