Content Marketing Agency UK – Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Agency UK - Content Marketing Trends 2018
Content Marketing Agency UK - Content Marketing Trends 2018

Content Marketing Agency UK – Content Marketing Trends

In this post we look at Content Marketing Trends and beyond

Internet of Things

Crazy as it sounds but your fridge will increasingly be used by marketing agency specialists to broadcast their clients messages in sync with a general “traditional” content marketing campaign. A content marketing example using the Internet of Things would be a nutrition article that builds awareness before a new product launch of the fridge manufacturer or food partner.


Amazon’s alexa has been a huge success and as brands and companies start to introduce voice apps you’ll see content marketing ideas experimented with on voice. After voice is the perfect medium for the voice of your brand.

Persona marketing

The customising of content towards certain defined customer profiles also known as persona marketing will be increasingly important as brands realise how vital it is to communicate to prospective buys in a manner that they are more likely to respond to. There will be a few people scratching their heads in marketing divisions and certainly in the finance department wondering why there content marketing budget is going up but once the sales team see the benefits we are going to see big growth in this content marketing trend.


We’ve written about this in our post about Transcreation and that is the rise in customising content to be fully relevant in each key market and not just translating the copy. This is a big trend particularly for large scale multinationals who now realise content robotically translated or even localised just does not resonant well from Asian to Western markets and vice versa.

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That’s it for now. If you have any content marketing agency uk news or would like to contribute to the content marketing trends section please get in contact.


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