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Clearmatics icon blockchain jobs london 400x440
Clearmatics icon blockchain jobs london 400x440

Blockchain Startups London – Clearmatics

Blockchain Startups London – Clearmatics

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Founded in 2015, Clearmatics is a London-based blockchain company. We build member-owned and governed decentralised network platforms for the peer-to-peer exchange of tokenised value between network members. Our ethos and architecture is grounded in protocol, peer-to-peer architecture, removing friction and market inefficiencies, strong security guarantees and interoperable exchange across platforms to build a peer-to-peer ecosystem for market infrastructure. Our focus is capital markets; we work with firms that have the ambition to reinvent the industry’s business models.

Our technology is p2p network platforms and protocol first – protocol suite, software that implements those protocols and provides client software and infrastructure for p2p networks. Its based on Ethereum and we call it Autonity – the protocol, the Geth-based client.

We use our technology to build p2p networks and dFMI.

P2p networks are private, member-owned and governed networks that enable peer-to-peer transfer of financial value and automation of contractual and fiduciary operations without reliance on trusted third-parties. Such decentralised networks can interact with one another, creating a wider ecosystem of value and leveraging the network effect, and they can form part of a dFMI.

dFMI is a new concept, one that builds on the security and resilience guarantees of distributed ledger and systems engineering to provide a platform for tokenising value and transferring its ownership between participants on that or, by cross-platform exchange, on other platforms.

We believe that our technology will drive adoption of a next-generation dFMI where intermediaries are removed, incentive structures encourage self-regulation, and risks are mitigated and reduced to the maximum. dFMI doesn’t just provide a cryptographically secure environment for market participants to transact, it provides a peer-to-peer model that removes financial intermediaries and engenders a wider ecosystem for value transfer across platforms and pre- post-trade processes. dFMI works to mitigate concentration and liquidity risk, reduce settlement cycles to real-time, remove friction, and lower the transaction cost of economic exchange.

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