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We merge over 20 years’ experience in the technology talent space and consulting with a specific focus on the Blockchain industry and its projects. 

This means you get a tailored, specialist and all-round better and faster service. 

Our founding team has built whole technology teams for high profile Government projects and major Blockchain organisations. 

We are deeply embedded in the Blockchain industry. We have the experience and the testimonials to back it up. 

Our network is vast, and our skills are proven. We cover everything from first-line support, through to Software Development, Analysis, Infrastructure, Sales, Management and Infrastructure Strategy.

Our vision today is to be the go-to partner for Blockchain companies looking to scale in Europe, further advancing the growth of this world-changing technology.


Our services


Our network of specialist contractors is both trusted and comprehensive. We have placed fully-vetted experts across the industry and in government. From ensuring IR35, AWR and other regulations are managed correctly, to using our online Timesheet Portal, we take pride in our reliability and speed of service.


We have extensive strategic experience taking the lead in all areas of talent-attraction – part of a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment service. Our talent partnerships offer exclusive access to the highest-calibre of industry talent, development of your employer brand and full management of the hiring process.

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We work closely with the best talent, proactively finding specialists that are open to change. We understand their ambitions and match them with your own. That means access to the best pool of motivated candidates and an accelerated hiring process.


Be connected with the best talent coming out of STEM academia. With extensive experience of hiring STEM graduates and a comprehensive network across key universities, we can help build teams in R&D, engineering or consulting-practice.


Benefit from leading industry expertise and insight. Our qualified digital economics and Blockchain consultancy will help you drive business performance, including operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy.


Building a new department from scratch or seeking new products with a market-fit can be a daunting task. Our Blockchain expertise will catalyse that process, from developing minimum viable products and decentralised finance models to auditing your smart contracts. 


We can provide short courses to bridge the knowledge-gap in Blockchain – invaluable in a market full of misinformation. 

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