Is being a blockchain recruiter the hardest job in the world?

Is being a blockchain recruiter the hardest recruitment job in the world?

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The development side we get. Actually finding and hiring a developer is getting surprisingly easy. Blockchain platforms are largely coded using modern programming languages like Javascript and Node for the back-end and blockchain hungry software engineers are dying to work on a sexy blockchain project and learn new highly valuable skills and experience.

The Technical Director is probably going to be your toughest hire – and we won’t even go to that here…

And then the aspect of building a crypto startup team is generally straightforward, although you naturally have to take a bit of a risk on category experience and the person being a self learner.

Blockchain recruiter - your new start may look like this
Blockchain recruiter – your new start may look like this

Recruiting blockchain engineers for your startup when we don’t even know who the real big guy is

The reason its so hard to recruit a great blockchain developer for your startup or new division is that its such an opaque, new and fast moving category where’s there’s a lot of self proclaimed experts that you’ll probably want to hire.

The problem is many of them look like this…

Lets say you want a new founder of a hot startup with experience of building world class tech products. Which is perfectly reasonable. Yet the talent pool for this Ideal Blockchain Enginer type is ridiculously low because they either don’t exist or right now are working on their own version of exactly that.

You are better off finding a group of varied talent and commentary monkeys plus a genuine tech genius and getting them to collectively roast any potential candidate your blockchain recruiter has brought you

How to hire a Blockchain developer

The only way we feel to hire effectively for a senior critical executive for your startup or business division is to form a quorum of experts from various fields and validate the candidate at managerial, technical, industry knowledge levels and bring the pool down to only those who are a 80% pass on all categories.

Getting this panel together is needed and you will have to go external as it is very, very unlikely you have all the various experience internally unless you are an existing crypto play.

Setting up a hiring group will be worth it and we would suggest remunerating the members in some way as you’d want to still have a methodical recruitment process in terms of interview questions and that all takes time.

f you need a blockchain recruiter get in touch with Rainmakrr as we may be able to help.

Good luck!

What is the blockchain?

It works with Blocks, where as spreadsheet works with “rows” and “columns”. A block in The blockchain is a collection of data. … Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which means that a ledger is spread across the network among all peers in the network, and each peer holds a copy of the complete ledger. It is thus considered an immutable record

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