Blockchain Recruiter London – State of the Blockchain Jobs London Market

Blockchain recruiter – State of the Blockchain Jobs London Market

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We have entered the fall of 2018, and the cryptocurrency market is booming. The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is trading down and the total market capitalization of the crypto market stands at $239 billion.

While this market is flourishing and developing and an extremely rapid pace, more and more people are getting involved in the crypto sector. Crypto jobs London are in demand and both employers and employees are still exploring the specifics of this nascent market.

Today, we are going to talk about the cryptocurrency jobs market. We will dive into which areas of the tech jobs market are the most popular and which skills are the most demanded. After reading this article, you will also know which businesses are hiring and who are they looking for.

The Blockchain jobs London market

The current period of time is quite exciting for jobs. There are, in fact, countless opportunities for people to get involved in the creation of this technology. The tech jobs market is constantly growing, with thousands of people joining the innovation army every day.

Let’s look into how Blockchain technology is changing the global job market.

Blockchain Jobs London: Who are the new generation of employees?

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As you might know, Blockchain technology is not a developed and established technology. One could define it as a young and constantly changing tech. There are various kinds of people that are being hired to work in the Blockchain industry. A Blockchain employee might come from almost any professional background, however.

We can separate Blockchain job seekers into two groups: people with tech knowledge and those without it.

Blockchain Recruiter: Technology-savvy people

There are thousands of tech professionals that are flowing into the Blockchain industry.  There are software developers and engineers, UX and UI designers, product designers and many other techies are finding Blockchain jobs these days.

These people might have experience in coding and programming languages such as Java, C++ or Python. Others are great at cryptocurrency oriented services and products, but there are very few of them. Indeed, even for technology-focused people, cryptocurrency market is a challenge.

Engineers and developers are learning and adapting to the new coding languages such as Ripple protocol or Ethereum’s Solidity in order to get the job in Blockchain sector. Blockchain jobs demand tech employees to carry out tasks that they are not used to do. Therefore, engineers and developers learn as they go – they usually perform research before designing and building a new platform related to Blockchain technology.

People with no technological background

Blockchain Jobs London - Clearmatics Infrastructure Support Engineer

Blockchain jobs market is not only about tech people – there is also a plenty of opportunities for those, who do not have any coding experience. Just like any business sectors, Blockchain market also needs specifically trained markers, lawyers, accounts, people from public relations background and many more.

The key point here is that these people will eventually need to learn about all the specifics and peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain Jobs London: Who are the employers?

We can differentiate Blockchain-focused companies into four primary segments. These are governmental companies, legacies, technology companies, and startups.

Let’s discuss each of these in more detail.

Governmental companies

There is a reason why most of the global nations’ governments are considering launching their own cryptocurrency projects. It lies in one of the advantages that Blockchain technology provides – the fast and cheap transaction capability.

This is also the reason why so many governments have been increasingly hiring cryptocurrency experts to help them implement their crypto vision. For instance, in Estonia, Blockchain technology is utilized to make government agencies’ work more efficient and fair.

Some countries even introduce their own cryptocurrencies. One of such examples is the Venezuelan government and its cryptocurrency petro.


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These companies include accountancy firms, banks and law offices that realized that with the new developments in the world, they need to adapt in order to stay in business. These companies have been observing Bitcoin growing over the years and now decided to address the increased interest.

As these companies usually possess big capitals, they do not have problems with Blockchain recruitment. Most of them have great global reputations, which allows them to hire whole trained teams of Blockchain experts.

Blockchain Recruiter: Technology firms

These companies are the ones that can lose big in case they miss out on the opportunity to jump into the Blockchain industry. Such tech giants, as Microsoft, Facebook and Apple have their success stories tied with the centralized services they offer. In case the popularity of decentralized platforms will surpass that of centralized ones, these companies might lose their businesses.

Tech firms are now facing the need to adapt their business models and strategies to Blockchain market specifics. Most of them are already investing in a number of Blockchain related projects. These firms are also eventually acting as the fuel for the development of the Blockchain industry, and, as you might have already guessed, they hire mostly technology-oriented people.


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We decided to talk about this category at last due to the fact that the Blockchain sector has mostly seen the development and establishment of startups, considering the infancy of this market.

These companies are the independent businesses that are created since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009. They are usually operated by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and Blockchain business people that realized how much potential Blockchain market holds.

Blockchain jobs offered by startups widely vary – they hire people from all the backgrounds and sometimes even offer training. These teams are behind such crypto companies as Ethereum, EOS, Monero, Bittrex, Kraken, and Binance.

They bring to life numerous cryptocurrency projects, including crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency-oriented media websites, and much more.


As you might have understood, Blockchain jobs London market is definitely the fastest job market in the world. Millions of people globally are learning new coding languages and crypto terminology in order to get hired by a crypto company. Employees need to adapt and acquire new skills that Blockchain companies might require.

Considering the complexity of the market and the technology itself, the Blockchain sector has a lot of potential to become one of the highest paying areas in business.

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