Blockchain Jobs London Full Stack Blockchain Developer

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Blockchain Jobs London Full Stack Blockchain Developer

We are a blockchain startup solving the authenticity and provenance problems in supply chains using distributed ledger technology.

We are building a technology platform to solve the problems of trust and transparency in supply chains and make them more efficient and secure.

Our blockchain technology powered platform will transform how business is done in complex network of buyers, suppliers and consumers.

We have assembled a strong team with deep expertise in supply chain and logistics, technology and and business development from Amazon, BCG and Goldman Sachs.

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We were part of the LBS Incubator and have recently closed funding from UK government to further develop our platform. You will be working with the team from day one and will gather valuable experience in being part of a business from its earliest stages.

We have already built the first version of our platform and now we are looking to hire a full stack blockchain developer to join our jedi force to build the next stage of the CarbonChain platform as we are scaling to build partnerships with industry players in the supply chain space.

What you will do: You will be working with the product and business development teams to develop our smart contracts on Ethereum.

You will be responsible for our backend APIs in Python. Initially, you will join the team on a 3-month contract basis with an option to extend and even join full time. You will bring the following technical skills: Core blockchain concepts and if you are not yet fully proficient, you should be willing to dive deep down the rabbit hole. Therefore, it would be great if you have some experience / awareness of Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Zeppelin, Infura, Geth, Parity, Quorum, or other blockchain platforms and technologies. Coding.

Blockchain developer jobs: Carbon Chain

As a Full Stack Developer, we’re looking for proven expertise in Python, and React.JS. You should be up to speed on practices like TDD and continuous integration. Collaboration. You would have some experience collaborating on software projects with design and backend teams.

You will have experience working in an agile approach. Cloud deployments. Experience building for deployments to AWS using Docker Prototyping and PoCs. You’ll have experience of building prototypes for different use cases, and won’t get too worried if needs and priorities change i.e. that they don’t end up being implemented. Soft Skills Be caring.

You’ll enjoy working together with the rest of the team so we all learn from each other, especially in such a rapidly changing space. Be ambitious. You’ll need a startup mentality, and will revel in rapidly pivot between different projects, priorities and contexts. Be flexible.

Blockchain jobs london: Carbon Chain

Your role as a Full Stack Developer won’t be set in stone, so it’s vital that you enjoy change and you’re willing to experience new ways of thinking. Sense of humour is a definite plus!

What we offer: Be part of our journey to disrupt the $3b+ blockchain supply chain market

An opportunity to develop your blockchain programming skills in a flexible working environment developing real solutions for our B2B clients.

You will be one of the earliest member of the tech team hence, you will have the option to lead future platform development as we go along in our journey

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