Blockchain Software Engineer Jobs London #1 Blockchain Engineer Jobs
Blockchain Software Engineer Jobs London #1 Blockchain Engineer Jobs
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Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs UK

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Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs UK

UPDATE: Our IT recruitment agencies guide now includes firms with remote worker operations

With some question of the exact role this amazing innovation will play in the world’s economy there’s no doubt it’s still rapidly growing and with IT engineers salary’s reportedly growing to £74k it’s clear there’s massive demand for management and technical people with blockchain and distributed ledger technology (“DLT”) experience

A video explainer about what blockchain is, just in case, as we get a little rusty for time to time too….

And the difference with Distributed Ledger Technology. Just, just in case everything is not totally understood.

And here’s one last one which is just plain fun and without doubt suitable to whichever technical level you’re at right now… 🙂

And Bitcoin, which is obviously a bit different, which we all knew already,

So to keep track of the hottest DLT and block scale ups has to work for in UK we’re started this list and will be adding to it each month.

If you’re a crypto scale-up we’ve not listed please get in touch!

Blockchain Jobs London

Best Blockchain Jobs London

Digital Catapult – Blockchain / DLT Developer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Digital Catapult is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. We drive early adoption, making UK businesses more competitive and productive, to help grow the UK economy.

what we’re looking for • Demonstrable genuine interest in the DLT/Blockchain space with some knowledge of history, ecosystem developments, political and socioeconomic issues, major players • Excellent knowledge of DLT/Blockchain architectures, processes, including consensus mechanisms • Good experience of agile software development practices and experience of coding in one or more languages including JavaScript, Golang, Rust, C/C++ • Good interpersonal skills and be able to convince others why they should care about…

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Catapult Digital Logo - Blockchain Jobs London UK

Coinbase – Staff Software Engineer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Coinbase has built the world’s leading compliant cryptocurrency platform serving over 30 million accounts in more than 100 countries.

Coinbase Investigations Team prides itself on being the compliance force on the front lines of the financial revolution. Working together with a fellow Senior Investigator, you will take on high-risk escalations and proactive research into potential threat actors. You will also serve as a backup to Senior Investigator, supporting pending cases as well as special projects.

A defining trait of any successful investigator is inquisitiveness – someone who questions premises and never takes things at face value, while always fact-checking their own intuition. Ideally, a Senior Investigator should be a crypto-forward person with a drive to see beyond the curve, excellent knowledge of various networking protocols and an artful touch of OSINT expertise.

What you’ll be doing (ie. job duties):

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
  • Handle high-risk escalations to discover findings beyond initial alerts;
  • Conduct proactive research, including ad hoc due diligence;
  • Study threat actors, their environments and modus operandi;
  • Remain current with industry developments including blockchain trends, network protocols, actors scene, and applicable regulation;
  • Feedback loop research findings to improve investigative tools and compliance controls;
  • Respond to assistance requests from fellow Investigators;
  • Handle highly sensitive cases with respective urgency and discretion;
  • Master evolving investigative tools for blockchain analytics, identity research, data extraction and analysis;

With multiple successful products, and our vocal advocacy for blockchain technology, we have played a major part in mainstream awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency. We are proud to offer an entire suite of products that are helping build the cryptoeconomy, and increase economic freedom around the world.

Blockchain Jobs London - Cointbase logo (multiple roles)

Blockchain is the most trusted and fastest growing crypto company, helping millions across the globe have an easy and safe way to access cryptocurrencies

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

The Workshop – Cryto Product Owner

Blockchain Jobs London - The Workshop Product Director

The Workshop are experts in online gaming, specialising in casino, poker, and sports betting products. Whether you’re playing a slot, using a CMS or a crypto product, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy our inventions.

You will be responsible for realising the product vision and direction our Crypto Products, forming strategies and road-maps to ensure their performance and alignment with strategic priorities.

Your responsibilities will include forming both tactical and strategic initiatives that allow the Crypto delivery teams to execute and deliver the product road-map.  You will need to ensure the overall priorities are balanced and aligned to corporate strategic priorities.

You and your team need to stay abreast of changing market conditions, competitors, and new technologies.

You will be a leader of the Crypto Product Team, whilst working closely with stakeholders and other key individuals to constantly assess the products capabilities and suitability, proposing where appropriate strategies or initiatives to increase capabilities or fill gaps through requirements, market research, customer feedback, product design and engineering collaboration. You will help to interpret, refine and challenge customer requests to maximize our product suite. 

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Clearmatics (Multiple roles)

  • Devops Engineer
  • Haskell Software Engineer
  • Head of Engineering
  • Infrastructure Support Engineer

Founded in 2015, Clearmatics is a member owned and governed London-based blockchain startup building member-owned and governed decentralised network platforms for the peer-to-peer exchange of tokenised value between network members.

Verdict: At the core heart of Blockchain tech. A great challenge and learning experience.

London startups Clearmatics

Applied Blockchain Engineer (Porto / London)

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Applied Blockchain builds future proof blockchain apps.

Applied AAVE Blockchain Startups London Blockchain Jobs London
  • Developing cutting edge software solutions for startups and corporate clients
  • Developing front ends for DApps (Decentralized applications) based on the Ethereum blockchain platform
  • Integrating with Applied Blockchain proprietary SDK libraries that will handle the communication with the blockchain
  • Integrating with REST APIs
  • Engaging with the developers in your team, share ideas and come up with a practical implementation
  • Creating user-friendly web and mobile UX/UIs
  • Writing automated tests for React components, frontend logic and for browser-based end to end tests
  • Reviewing other developers code in form of GitHub pull requests
  • Ensuring that the features you developed are deployed and working on staging and production environments
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

AAVE Back-End Developer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Aave is an Open Source and Non-Custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits & borrow assets.

We at Aave are looking for a full stack developer with good back end experience to join our team of engineers! 🚀

Are you a creative developer who wants to participate in every aspect of its company and always looking for a new challenge?👀

If you have an urge to innovate, and are familiar with blockchain with interest in open source development… Aave is the place you are looking for.

Job requirements

  • Node.js
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Linux admininstation
  • GitlabCi (optional)
  • Python (optional)
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Bankera – Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Change the way you handle money by opening a free account at Bankera.

Blockchain Developer will be responsible for all blockchain applications: from designing and developing, to implementing and supporting new and already existing ones. In this role, you will be working with cryptocurrencies, wallets, smart contracts and decentralized public blockchain-based networks.

Bankera Blockchain Startups London Blockchain Jobs London UK
  • Implement new features in existing services
  • Monitor, research and test the newest blockchain technologies
  • Supervise and support blockchain applications
  • Document best practices and desicion models
  • Care about code quality and know what it means to ship high quality code
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Monolith AI – Lead Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Tech start-up Monolith AI raised £1.9 million last year led by Pentech Ventures with participation from Stanford Angels of the UK, Ascension Ventures and Charlie Songhurst to develop the first AI assistant for engineers and is aiming to be the the world’s first AI Platform for Engineers.

We’re searching for a Full Stack Software Developer to build and deploy our commercial
product, working closely with our engineers and data scientists. This role sits alongside our existing software team working primarily on backend tasks but also contributing to frontend as and when needed. The role works closely with our engineers to understand user requirements and build functionality. Work could involve improving our backend architecture

● Design and build high-performance web application (Flask + React)
● Work with client engineers to design product workflow & processes
● Work with UI designers to implement front-end
● Architect and implement software libraries
● Develop software engineering processes (design, build, quality, maintenance)

Verdict: Hot!

Monolith Blockchain Jobs London Logo

Veriart – Lead Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Verisart is building a platform to certify and verify artworks and collectibles.

What we’re looking for:
We’re seeking a Lead Blockchain Engineer with a string security mindset to develop the Verisart platform and join our rapidly growing team in Mayfair, London. You’ll be our inspirational blockchain leader & guru and be passionate about hands on development, fixing problems, shipping code, improving performance and up-skilling new developers.

Who we are:
Verisart is a VC funded digital certification platform applying blockchain technology to transform the arts and collectibles market. We believe in giving people the power to run real time verification of provenance and new ways to store and transfer value. We’re building a decentralized title registry and exploring new types of ownership and methods of cultural participation. 

– Leading our blockchain applications and development, you’ll work closely with the CTO on all blockchain, applied cryptography and security related features.
– Share responsibility for architectural decisions and take the lead on blockchain technology choice decisions, with the CTO and CEO.
– Being the go to guru for any security challenges, blockers or impediments across the tech stack and will be the sort of person that relishes fixing a complex problem.
– Leading the R&D for blockchain applications and software integrations.
– Mentoring developers, instilling best practice development principles, making sure all code is well tested and TDD is followed.

Verdict: Super cool mission with a technical involvement. Potentially a great balance for the right individuall

Verisart Blockchain Jobs London
Verisart – cool blockchain jobs london

Apply Gateway – NodeJS Developer

This role is to work within their IT team to build software to be used across their entire group.

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

BABB – Senior Technician

BABB are Building a world bank for the microeconomy

·Creating and implementing a strategy for the deployment of information security technologies for Babb. ·Performing IT security risk assessments and reporting on ways to minimise threats. ·Monitoring security vulnerabilities and hacking threats in network and host systems. ·Tracking latest IT security innovations and keeping abreast of latest cyber security technologies. ·Ensuring business continuity. ·Communicating with key stakeholders about IT security threats. ·Implementing an effective process for the reporting of security incidents.

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Carbon Chain – Full Stack Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Carbon Chain are a blockchain startup solving the authenticity and provenance problems in supply chains using distributed ledger technology.

We are building a technology platform to solve the problems of trust and transparency in supply chains and make them more efficient and secure. Our blockchain technology powered platform will transform how business is done in complex network of buyers, suppliers and consumers.

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

FNZ – Blockchain Architect

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

FNZ is an enterprise cloud computing company in the financial services sector.

Our combination of technology and administration services is used by the world’s largest financial institutions to revolutionize the way that their customers achieve their financial goals.

The Blockchain Architect role at FNZ has overall responsibility for the design and technology across all existing and new products. They will also be responsible for setting the roadmap for future development and enhancements.

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Globacap – Senior Blockchain Architect & Developer

Globacap are a fast growing, entrepreneurial Blockchain Capital Raising Platform headquartered in London. Our mission is to liberate ambitious SMEs by simplifying, streamlining, and widening access to capital on a global scale.

Using the latest Blockchain and machine learning technology, the Globacap capital raising platform connects businesses directly to institutional and retail investors, handles the investment process, and provides a secondary market. As a world first, we will be issuing our own equity in blockchain tokens later this year through our platform.

These will carry full voting and dividend rights, just like the regular stock exchange. We are targeting investors worldwide, across the US, Europe, and Asia, and are currently working with regulators in all jurisdictions to make this happen. This makes what we are doing revolutionary in the fintech…

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Hot blockchain jobs london

Ledger Comm – CTO/Lead Blockchain engineer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

LedgerComm was born out of a deep knowledge of the frustrations surrounding loan and asset trading, the team at LedgerComm is able to draw on decades of experience to provide an industry leading KYC, onboarding and processing platform that will deliver value to customers globally.

As an experienced full stack developer you want to take the next step in your career and make the leap to CTO. This is a chance for you take a stake in very focused fintech business looking to change a $8 trillion marketplace. You will have intimate knowledge of multiple blockchain technology and be able to advise on the correct path to success.

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
blockchain developer jobs

Metapresent – Blockchain Researcher Unison Runtime Payments

Meta Present is about reinforcing convergent processes of collaboration leading to new and more open layers of the Internet. After opening the floodgates of imagination, we can design countless worlds and stories to realise, in the garden of forking paths…

As someone on this position, you will be responsible for reasearch on blockchain projects and new ideas practical to use for the payments layer of the Unison Runtime.

Note that this is a very early stage. Hence we are looking for someone with a great passion to work on a greenfield project in quite uncharted waters, with big implications.

Token Card – Blockchain Engineer (Solidity, Ethereum)

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Creating the world’s first self-sovereign bank! What We believe: At TokenCard we believe in a new era for financial services.

One with no need for centralised control by institutions and middlemen, where people have complete independence, choice and control of their assets.

One which takes the user-focused design of the challenger banks and couples it with user-focused technology only possible through the power of the blockchain, where transparency and decentralisation regulate our actions unlike ever before. What We’re starting with:

We’re building a self-sovereign financial platform with a suite of products and services powered by decentralisation that give you 100% control of your assets. We will never touch or hold them ourselves.

It’s simple, elegant and secure, and amongst the first practical authentic use-cases on the Ethereum blockchain. Based in the heart of the vibrant Shoreditch tech community

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
blockchain developer jobs

Two Sigma – Software Engineer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Two Sigma is one of the world’s fastest growing quantitative hedge funds, that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to help develop their investment strategies. Leaders in their fields across Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics harness the power of data science and advanced technology to fuel their success. Role Technology drives our business — it’s our main competitive advantage — and as a result, software engineers play a pivotal role.

They tackle the hardest problems through analysis, experimentation, design, and elegant implementation. Software engineers at Two Sigma build what the organization needs to explore data’s possibilities and act on our findings – to mine the past and attempt to predict the future. We create the tools at scale to enable vast data analysis; the technology we build enables us to engage in conversation with the data, and search for knowledge and insight.

We champion a disciplined, collaborative, scientific approach which allows us to meet the immediate needs of the business, while innovating in a way that is constantly forward-looking and future-reaching. We attract engineers with a true passion for data. We seek individuals who want to build for today and invent for tomorrow. We value curiosity and insight, balanced with pragmatism and practicality. We recognize both the small steps, as well as the broad vision.

Our challenges require mastery of areas such as, but not limited to: Kernel level development; Machine learning; Distributed systems. Requirements Include:

• A strong academic record with a degree or concentration in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a scientific discipline.

• Experience with Java, C or comparable languages. • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills. • Experience in large-scale systems is highly desirable.

• Exceptional programming skills. • Strong analytical and organizational skills.

• An obsession with building quality software.

• We are open-minded in our search for critical thinkers who are passionate about technology.

• While we analyze the data-rich domain of finance, financial experience is not a requirement

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Two sigma – hot blockchain developer jobs london
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Peer Nova – Solutions Engineer

PeerNova’s operational intelligence platform enables financial services’ clients to gain transparency into their disparate data and processes to take action earlier and more proactively.  As a key contributor to the PeerNova Solutions Engineering team, you will collaborate with product managers, engineers, sales, business development, marketing, and other groups to meet the needs of our clients to ensure the successful execution of sales strategy. Our solutions engineers are focused on the client while bringing key technical expertise.  This position is located in London, UK. Key Responsibilities:

  • Present, listen, demo solutions, discuss ideas and solve problems
  • Work closely with the Business Development and Product teams to create and deliver world-class technical demonstrations
  • Help enterprise clients meet strategic business goals by organizing their data and defining their processing rules
  • Analyze the key issues of global enterprises and evaluate how PeerNova’s unique technology can drive meaningful improvements
  • Engage with  client technology, business analyst and operations personas to demonstrate the value and impact of PeerNova’s solutions
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Qredo – Blockchain engineer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Qredo – As a blockchain engineer in our London office, you will work on protocol level infrastructure for our layer-2 network. We acknowledge that the blockchain space is in its infancy. Prior experience with blockchain development is required but we are flexible as to which paths you’ve taken to get it. You should have prior experience developing high quality server and blockchain architecture and be excited about doing that at in an environment that will transform the way companies can use crypto assets.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about being at the forefront of a new technological paradigm and can lead the design and development. A successful candidate will bring deep analytical ability, a security-first mindset, and the ability to deliver results within a fast-moving, agile environment. You should be passionate about crypto-economics and contributing to an open source ecosystem.

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Blockchain Jobs London – Consensys Technical Lead

ConsenSys Solutions is our Enterprise sales, consulting and services unit that provides strategic advisory, ideation and use case designing, and new venture and platform development services to enterprise and government clients – helping them discover, explore and develop blockchain solutions. Our teams have led some of the most innovative blockchain production implementations in the world.

We are busy building the future of identity, financial markets, commerce, security and infrastructure, and more. We help governments and enterprises deliver products, solutions and platforms built using blockchain technology to transform how business is done across complex networks of buyers, suppliers and consumers.

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

Consensys Full Stack Developer

Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk
Blockchain Jobs London – Hot Blockchain Jobs Uk

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