Biotech Startups London #1 BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS 2020 Guide

What does biotech mean?

In essence biotechnology is technology based on biology when biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve lives and the health of our planet.

What does a biotech do?

Bio-technician and biological technician, works with biologists and other scientists on solving scientific problems dealing with living organisms.

Is Biotech risky as an investment?

Yes. Less than 10% of startups make it and biotech startups have it even harder as – unlike tech startups – that can launch an minimum value product within months, a biotech can require several years of intensive cash burn before its first product reaches the market

Is London and the UK a biotech hub?

Yes. London and the Oxford and Cambridge areas punch way above their weight in this sector with an exceptional record and history

Biotech Startups London #1 BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS 2020 Guide

The London are and vicinity including Cambridge and Oxford is undoubtedly one of the biggest biotech hubs in Europe so we’ve put together a list of the hottest biotech companies out there.

Biotech Startups London 1 BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS 2020 Guide


Orchard therapeutics was founded in 2015 but their roots run deeper, going back to some of the first research and clinical development involving ex vivo autologous gene therapy and are proud that their scientists have played a central role in the evolution of this technology from a bold vision to a potentially life-transforming reality and carry forward the history and rigor of scientific curiosity, discovery and commitment to families affected by rare disease.

Health startups London Start ups London Orchard Theraputics


Autolus is at the forefront of a revolution in cancer treatment. Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell therapies have been shown to be effective in some haematological malignancies and may have wide applications as a cancer treatment, with the potential for cure in some patients.

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Autolus is a leader in T-cell programming and manufacturing technology. Working in partnership with physicians and other healthcare providers, Autolus extract immune cells from patients, equip them with a receptor that targets the cancer cell and infuse them back into the patient in order to develop therapies which Autolus believe will offer cancer patients substantial benefits over the existing standard of care.

Biotech Startups London BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS UK Autolus
Autolus – biotech startups london

Kuur (Cell medica)

Kuur (formerly Cell Medica) is committed to transforming the lives of patients with cancer and is leading the development of off-the-shelf engineered CAR-NKT cell therapies.

Kuur’s approach combines the highly differentiated, natural biology of a specific subset of T cells, called natural killer T cells (NKT cells) and innovative chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) construct engineering. In combination, this delivers a very compelling and unique platform, that Kuur believe has the potential to produce many future therapies targeting both hematological and solid tumors.

Health startups London Start ups London Cell Medica

Freeline Therapeutics

Biotech Startups London BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS UK Freeline
Freeline – biotech startups london

Freeline Therapeutics ambitious vision is to create better lives for people suffering from chronic, debilitating disease and are developing functional cures for a wide range of liver-based diseases which have previously been underserved and incurable. and their next generation gene therapy uses AAV technology to deliver safe and effective gene replacement to the liver to produce sustained therapeutic protein expression for diseases like haemophilia B and Fabry.

Freeline’s treatment builds on the pioneering work of their founder and CSO, Amit Nathwani, Professor of Haematology at UCL. His award winning scientific research was the first to show successful and sustained correction of bleeding symptoms in patients with severe haemophilia B.

Virion Biotherapeutics

Virion Biotherapeutics mission is to transform the clinical management of human respiratory virus infections using their proprietary Therapeutic Interfering Particles (TIPs).

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These first-in-class biologicals enhance a naturally occurring dual mechanism that interferes with viral replication, preventing infection and alleviating disease. Using this unique approach, Virion address the two major challenges in treating patients with respiratory virus infections – the sheer breadth of viruses that cause such infections and the risk of drug resistance.

Based on pioneering scientific work on mechanisms for controlling viral replication and were founded in 2017 and funded by leading trans-Atlantic bioscience investment firm, Abingworth.

Biotech Startups London BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS UK Virion


Reviral want to transform the treatment of viral infections — starting with RSV and are committed to developing antiviral therapies to help the world’s most at-risk populations.

Biotech Startups London BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS UK Reviral
ReViral – biotech startups london

Gamma Delta

Gamma Delta Therapeutics is committed to transforming the treatment of patients living with haematological and solid cancers and their mission is to develop the first effective off the shelf cancer therapy based on one of the body’s own immune cells, a subtype of gamma delta (γδ) T lymphocyte known as Vδ1+ T cell.

Biotech Startups London BEST LONDON BIOTECH STARTUPS UK Gamma Delta

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