hot ai startups london dark trace
hot ai startups london dark trace

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Cybersecurity startups london cyber security startups uk dark trace

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Cyber security startups London dark trace

Dark Trace helps stop advanced spear-phishing and business email compromise with AI that understands your organization – and detects the most advanced email threats, from targeted impersonation attacks and social engineering, to supply-chain threat and human-factor vulnerabilities.

Founded in 2013 by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace was the first company to develop an AI system for cyber security.

The company was seed-funded by Invoke Capital, a specialist technology investment fund headed by Dr Mike Lynch OBE, and the Invoke team was instrumental in working with the founders in the early days. Later investors include KKR, Samsung Ventures, TenEleven Ventures, Insight Venture Partners and Vitruvian.

Darktrace founders also include cyber security experts from government intelligence backgrounds, united in their mission to fundamentally transform the ability of organizations to defend their most critical assets in the face of rising cyber-threat.

Cybersecurity startup companies Dark Trace

Darktrace’s pioneering technology, the Enterprise Immune System, applies AI to the cyber defense challenge for the first time, detecting cyber-threats that existing, legacy systems cannot.

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