The Best Data Consultancy London list – data science consulting companies

Data Consultancy

Data Science Consultancy London
Data Science Consultancy London

What is data science?

Data science is the study of data and involves developing methods of recording, storing and analysing data to extract useful insights from both structured and unstructured data is normally the main challenge of any organisation

What is a data scientist?

A data scientist has both business analyst experience and methodology combined with a developer’s skills and operates at the cross roads of business and information technology and has the capabilities to gather large amounts of a company’s and market structured and unstructured data to analyse and synthesize the information into actionable insights

Can I have a free data science consultation?

Yes it is usually possible. Most data science consultancies will provide a free consultation just to make sure they can both provide value and deliver insights to the expectation of the potential client. If you would like help arranging a free data science consultation either with a leading consulting firm or with an individual specialist please get in contact with Rainmakrr

What’s the difference between a data science and business intelligence consultancy?

A data science consultancy will have stronger technical skills to analyse both external and internal structured and unstructured data sources

The best Data Consultancy London 2020 list – data science consulting companies

Data science involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing information to effectively extract useful information with tbe gain insights and knowledge from any type of info both structured and unstructured

Do you need a free consultation?

Leave your details and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements

And scientist job roles are all the rage now for high growth companies looking to out perform their competitors so find below some our best list for 2019 in no particular order to help you find the perfect partner to help you drive sales. 


Business Intelligence Consultancy Black Swan Data Consultancy
Black Swan – data science consulting company specialist

One night in a Toronto bar, the founders of Black Swan, Steve King and Hugo Amos, had their ‘eureka!’ moment… to predict consumer behaviour. Having scribbled the idea down on the back of a beer mat, Steve and Hugo returned to the UK to start what became the UK’s fastest-growing tech start-up, Black Swan.

Black Swan’s client list is second to none and they have some great use cases on their site including Lipton Tea and Pepsi used their services. Black Swan  are top of our data science consultancy list for good reason.

Faculty Ai

Data Science Consultancy London Faculty. data analytics companies uk
Faculty – data analytics companies uk

Artificial intelligence is the most important technology of our age, but it is valuable only when it is applied in the real world – enhancing products, improving services and saving lives.

To make AI real Faculty help organisations work out what they could do with AI and then help them to do it by identifying the right strategy, the right skills and the right software. 


Kortical – data analytics companies uk

Kortical enabling scaled companies to get from idea to pilot in 4 weeks through their award winning AI AutoML platform and AI consulting. The Kortical platform deploys models with 1-click so AI projects go from proof point to delivering value fast.

Marionete is a business intelligence consulting company with deep, deep technical skills and specialists in Artificial Intelligence and DevOps.


Data Science Consultancy London Marionete

Evolution AI

Evolution AI helps you get answers from your text quickly and accurately.

Evolution AI data science consultancy london
Evolution AI – data science consulting company


Despite sounding like an academic institution, Imperial is on the Data Science Consultancy London list as with access to over 4,000 research-active academics, Imperial Consultants has helped organisations, large and small, find solutions to their business needs for nearly 30 years.

Data Science Consulting - Imperial


Adatis are passionate about technology and love to learn the new stuff,  love to innovate and above all they love to see technology make a difference and are specialists of the Microsoft Analytics stack.

Data Science Consultancy London UK Adatis

Cambridge Consultants

Regular award-winners, we’re the partner of choice for global multinationals, aspiring enterprises and ambitious start-ups alike.

Data Science Consultancy London UK Cambridge Consultants


Getting Machine Learning done in your company

Data Science Consultancy London UK Logical


Please find below out list of the best data science consultancy firms

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The best data science consultancy London list (16)

Customer Data Platform (5)

Do you need to hire a an expert, data analytics companies uk or data science consulting freelancer check out our Data Scientist Recruiter list

The best Data Science Consultancy London list
The best Data Science Consultancy London list
Please find below some our best Data Science Consultancy London list for 2019 in no particular order to help you find the perfect partner to help you drive sales.

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