What is Fintech
What is Fintech

B2B Fintech Startups 2023 Guide #1 BEST Fintech Companies UK

B2B Fintech Startups 2022 Guide #1 BEST B2B Fintech Companies UK

In start up workd there’s hot, there’s very hot and there’s scorching hot and right now B2B Fintech companies are….very hot (Ed – work on that…) so we put together a guide of the hottest firms in the capitol right now

b2b Fintech startups London

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B2B Fintech startups london float banner
B2B Fintech startups london float

Float was born out of a singular need. Colin, our CEO, was running his creative agency and needed to understand how much cash his business was going to have in the future. Not knowing his future cash position meant he couldn’t make new hires with confidence or invest in his business.

He sat down behind his laptop on a Friday night (because this guy knows how to party), rolled up his sleeves, and began creating his cash flow forecasting spreadsheet. It was completely manual and too laborious to keep up-to-date, which meant that it was an absolute pain. He raised his fist to the stormy Scottish skies and declared “there must be a better way!”

b2b fintech companies b2b fintech startups uk float


B2B Fintech startups london akaba banner

Akaba is a SaaS Cognitive Financial Advice Platform. We provide financial institutions, of any size, anywhere in the world, the software to thrive in the digital savings age.

Akaba do this by building, delivering and supporting cutting-edge A.I. technology to power digital, accessible and affordable financial advice.

Fahd Rachidy, Founder and CEO of ABAKA, commented: “We must address customers’ needs for financial education and advice, improve ease of access, and explain the choices over pensions and savings. The pensions industry is facing a huge challenge to achieve better outcomes for customers. We live in a brave new world where individuals bear the full responsibility of managing their savings, yet they can neither find help nor affordable financial advice. We need to educate, engage and empower customers through an excellent financial platform with an ultimate focus on improving their financial wellbeing.

b2b fintech startups london akaba


B2B Fintech startups london wealth kernel banner
B2B Fintech startups london wealthkernel

WealthKernel WealthKernel tackles the hardest challenges in wealth management, whether regulatory or technological and take pride in our ability to leverage the power of design thinking to lead our industry into the digital age.

We enable businesses to distribute financial services digitally. Our platform allows our partners to create a quick, cost-effective and reliable process for solutions that deliver regulated advice.

WealthKernel combines nearly 150 years of experience across technology, financial services and product design. This experience has been acquired across some of the world’s largest and most prestigious financial institutions, technology companies and a major broadcaster. We believe the diversity of professional backgrounds is essential to challenging our industry’s many established practices.

Wealth kernel b2b fintech startups london


B2B Fintech startups london genesis banner

Genesis is a global Financial Markets software company with a difference. We bring a fresh approach to helping firms adapt and innovate their business and operating models in an ever-challenging, constantly changing environment.

Pioneering vision, coupled with our technical innovation, is at the heart of everything we do. Code Less. Do More.

b2b fintech startups genesis


B2B Fintech startups london chaser banner 1
B2b fintech startups london chaser

Chaser are solving a huge problem. Businesses that sell on payment terms struggle to get their invoices paid on time. SMEs in the UK alone are owed £225bn in overdue invoices.

Our Founder’s qualified Accountant and Finance Director experience led him to conclude that there must be a better way to carry out the essential business process of credit control to tackle this problem.

Chaser are in our b2b fintech startups london guide as they are helping SMEs avoid business failure and have the money in their bank accounts to grow faster.

Chasert are developing and delivering a market-leading SaaS solution; powered by big data-informed insights, automation and artificial intelligence and are transforming a process that has seen minimal technological innovation to date. In doing so they are helping businesses make better decisions about who to grant credit to, take the best chasing actions to boost their cash flow and save time.

b2b fintech startups london b2b fintech companies uk b2b fintech startup chaser hq logo


b2b company london b2b company uk cybertonica banner
b2b fintech startups cybertonica

Cybertonica uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to manage risk and fraud, increasing trust and growing frictionless banking and m/e-payments globally.

b2b fintech startups london

Cybertonica’s service increases conversion and sales by up to 25% while managing card-not-present and other categories of fraud at world-class compliant standards. Our goal is to build Trust in Transaction.

Cybertonica has won numerous distinctions and awards since its product came to market, including the “Best Use of Payments Data Award” at Emerging Payments Awards 2018 and the “Best Data Analytics and Science Award” at Merchant Payments Ecosystem Awards 2018.

Cybertonica also was named finalist for the “FinTech Start-up of the Year Award” at EWPN Awards 2019 and received the “Best New Back Office Innovation Award” at the Emerging Payments Awards 2017.

b2b fintech startups london b2b fintech companies uk b2b fintech startup cybertonica logo
b2b fintech startups london


B2B Fintech startups london chaser banner
B2b fintech startups london ch.ai

ChAI leverages Artificial Intelligence techniques on Alternative Data in order to forecast commodity prices.

CHai use satellite imagery, freight data, economic statistics, and financial information to make accurate predictions ranging from 1 day to 1 year into the future and enable purchasing managers, vendors and CFOs to exercise forward-looking control of their materials price risk – bringing less price volatility, stronger business margins and better financial control.

b2b fintech staartups london b2b fintech companies uk b2b fintech startup chat ai logo


b2b company london b2b company uk symmetrical banner
b2b fintech startups symmetrical

Symmetrical-backed salaries are flexible, real-time and empowering. Clients use our salary benefits to improve staff retention, performance and build a great employer brand. It takes a week and zero cost to start.

b2b fintech startups london b2b fintech companies uk b2b fintech startup symmetrical logo

We hope you liked our b2b fintech startups london, if you did why not check out our full fintech startups london guide

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